Ultdrop by IKRA#2825

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

If you die you lose the ultimate.
Anyone can pick up the charge of Ultimate and add to your own.
I recommend not dying.

Ults drops as an white orbs near the player corpse on nearest walkable position.
For capture it you should press "crouch" in distance 1,5m of it.
After capturing orbs destroyed with a loud sound which anyone around 20-30m could hear.

Works in any mode. Work weird with bots.
Could be added for almost every workshop created mode if you save using in this mode variables only for it.


Known bugs:

  • If you playing with bots orbs didn't appears before you kill 6-10 of bots. Sometimes happen with players too. (It's workshop bug)
  • Players that just join the game can't see old orbs. (It's workshop bug)
  • Orb didn't destroyed after capturing (It's workshop bug)
  • Sound effect didn't play when you capture the orb (It's workshop bug)
  • If player drop his ult and was kicked from the match or left it - visual effect of orb dissapears, blt Ult charge stayed at the same place. (This error is due to the way the visual effect is created.).

If you found the way to avoid one of the bug, or if you have suggestions for improvement.

Please contact me:
Discord: Ikra2825#5490

But please, please use simple sentences because English isn't my native.

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