Competitive modes, but every 10 seconds, everyone within your own team will switch places with one another.
Work together with your team to secure victory, but be careful not to put them in difficult situations.
Not all Switcheroos will be successful as well.

There is a timer that shows how much time left till the next Switcheroo.

You will also be shown who are involved in your Switcheroos. In this example, Ana teleports to your location, and you teleport to Baptiste's location.

Teammate Swap

In addition, you can do a Teammate Swap with a teammate, switching places between the 2 players.
Press [Interact] to do a Teammate Swap with 12s cooldown.

This HUD will show who you will be swapping with, or an 'X' if there's no valid target.


There are some variables you can change to customise your playing experience!

Settings Description
Time between Switcheroo How long before the next Global Switcheroo happens
Switcheroo Success Rate Lower value: Switcheroo more likely to fail (i.e. no one teleports)
Teammate Swap Cooldown How often can "Teammate Swap" be used
Also swap Health % Whether Switcheroo/Teammate Swap also switches Health %
Also swap Ultimate Chage Whether Switcheroo/Teammate Swap also switches Ult Charge
Random Timer Global Switcheroo happens at random time instead of a fixed time
Hidden Timer Time till next Global Switcheroo is hidden


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DragonEngineer's Workshop

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Scrims
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Maps: Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, and 23 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0


Teammate Swap with an ally
Teammate Swap with an ally
Teammate Swap with an ally
Teammate Swap with an ally
Teammate Swap with an ally

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