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Hello reader! This mode is a spin on the popular Anas vs. Genji mode in the game browser. I shifted that idea into a more unique and distinguished game mode, and it's a perfect mode to play during queues. This mode is a 3v1 PvP Elimination, where the Anas must work together to defeat Genji with their modified arsenal. First to 5 wins!

What is meant by "modified arsenal?" Well in this mode, both Ana and Genji have minor changes to their kits.

Hero Kits

- Ana's Kit

  • Ana no longer has the ability to heal herself or allies.


  • Applies a small amount of knockback

Primary Fire:

  • Disabled

Sleep Dart:

  • Used to defeat Genji, instakill!

Biotic Grenade:

  • Applies a movement speed penalty to Genji if he is hit

Nano Boost:

  • Rapidly gained over time
  • Applies a speed bost
  • Ultimate charge is reset to 0% each round

- Genji's Kit

  • Genji deals 25% more damage for every Ana in the lobby (not including the first one)
  • 1 Ana = 100% Damage
  • 2 Anas = 125% Damage, etc.


  • Now briefly ignites victims

Primary/Secondary Fire/Swift Dash:

  • Remains the same


  • Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds
  • Used as Genji's primary defence against incoming Sleep Darts
  • Deflected Sleep Darts will instakill Anas
  • Deflected Biotic Grenades will apply a speed penalty to Anas


  • Aquired by dealing damage
  • Has a natural decay
  • Ultimate charge carries from round to round

"Last Standing" Mechanic

This mechanic can trigger every round. When there is one final Ana alive, "Last Standing" triggers. When triggered, Ana regains the ability to use her passive heal ability and heal from Biotic Grenades at 50% effeciency. Ana also gains the ability to use Nano Boost on herself. When there's only one Ana and one Genji in the lobby, this even triggers at the start of each match.

Time To Play!

Thanks for reading, but it's time to go and play the mode! If any of this information is difficult to keep track of, a lot of it is available to read again at the top right of your screen at all times. Updates will be made eventually, and any suggestions in the comments will be considered! Enjoy!

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Genji, Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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