Paris Memory v1.0


This code is over 6 months old.

This means the code may have expired and might no longer function.

The code for this game mode was renewed on December 23rd 2020! It will work for at least 6 months after that date.

Paris Memory (by Delwion#2667)

Share Code: 4G9BT

Spend some time in the Cabaret Luna while playing a game of memory. Press Crouch at the blue ring to sign up for the next round.

Memory game for 1-12 players.

Signup Phase

  • Players have 1 minute to sign up for the next round. Use Crouch inside the blue circle to do so.
  • Use the red circle if you don't want to be signed up for the next round of memory anymore.
  • The host (team 1, slot 0), can start the next round early by pressing Crouch + Interact if at least one player has signed up.
  • There are 6 settings for the memory game: 12/18/24 pairs, layed out either in a clear order or in the more chaotic wild mode. Press Crouch while inside the white ring to change the game mode.

During a Game

  • During a game, the player whose turn it is will be marked with a White Moon icon.
  • Use Primary Fire while aiming at a green sphere, to uncover the hero it's hiding when it's your turn.
  • Find two spheres with the same hero to get a pair.
  • The team that has more pairs at the end, wins the round. The team that has won the most rounds, wins the match.


  • If you get rooted after spawning, say Hello to let the game know you are not an AI bot.
  • The host can ban players by pressing Crouch + Secondary Fire while aiming at a player (they will be put in jail).
  • The host can unban all players by pressing Crouch + Ability 2.
  • If there is only one player playing during a game, that player can cancel the current game by pressing Crouch + Interact.
  • Once 60 minutes have passed, the match will end after the next game of memory has been completed.
  • The match will always end after 89 minutes.
  • You can go to the balcony by pressing Interact near the stairs.
  • AI bots will populate the cabaret as audience.

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