Knock your opponent off of the map to score KO's!
Based off of code by Zomg and Fluffikins, updated to include OW2 Heroes, plus many additions, bug fixes, and rebalances to heroes.

Further updates are planned for balance and additional content.

Tips will appear at the bottom of the screen for each hero after loading in.

General Mechanics

Dealing damage will knockback enemies
Opponents knockback is determined by the damage of the attack, and the damage that the opponent has accumulated.
Knockback direction is generally determined by the direction from the attacker to the victim.
Pressing Crouch + Interact will intiate a dodge
Every hero has a double jump
Repeated dodges will have reduced invulnerability
Overhealth reduces damage and knockback

Major Hero Changes

Regenerative Burst will increase your attack damage
You will receive reduced damage after using ability 2
Deal more damage while crouching at full charge

Take reduced knockback while in Sentry Configuration and while using his ultimate

Earning an elimination will reset the cooldown of whip shot
Hitting a grounded opponent with Shield Bash will send them upwards
Hitting an airborne opponent with shield bash will do increased knockback and damage, but break her shield for a short period

Secondary fire is weaker but deals set knockback
Rolling goes farther and gives a speed boost for a short period afterwards

Punch can be aimed vertically and does more damage on airborne opponents
Seismic Slam can be aimed downards to activate sooner
Seismic Slam will launch and stun players
Hitting Quick Melee will reduce cooldowns

Focusing Beam does more damage when your opponent is at higher percentages

Swift Strike will deal more damage when the opponent is in the air and has high percent
Dealing damage with Dragon Blade resets Swift Strike's cooldown

Sonar Arrow will root the opponent on hit
Hanzo's Ultimate throws a homing shuriken that stuns opponents on hit

Illari's secondary fire will heal herself
Placing a pylon will increase damage for a short duration

Swift step will teleport Kiriko to opponents
Healing Ofuda will pull enemies towards Kiriko

Lifegrip pulls Lifeweaver to the center of the map
Tree of Life overhealth reduces damage and knock back

Deal more damage while in heal mode
Sound Barrier will lift nearby players into the air
Hold crouch while using Soundwave to knock yourself backwards

Overrun reduces damage and knockback
Dealing damage during Cardiac Overdrive hacks opponents

Press Ability 1 to use Guardian Angel on Enemies
Primary fire with Caduceus Staff will heal mercy
Secondary fire with Caduceus Staff will reduce damage taken and increase speed

Primary Fire will increase an opponent's percentage
Punch is stronger than normal
Pressing reload will use all of your healing meter to throw an orb that explodes on impact
Healing orb will increase speed while nearby and for a short period after

Fortify will make you heavier
Using Fortify with your Ultimate will make you more powerful

Move faster while in the air
Receive less damage while on the ground

Nemesis form has no cooldown
Ability 2 in Nemesis form becomes a projectile that will pull opponents inwards on hit
Ramattra moves faster in Omnic form but slower in Nemesis form

Reaper has a new secondary fire that takes 3 ammo to fire

Move faster on the ground while shielding
Hit with the tip of your hammer to deal extra damage

Gain resistance while using Take a Breather

Use Biotic-Field to heal damage
Using Sprint reduces incoming damage

Your Hacks and EMP will deal damage over time to enemies
Your quick melee is stronger

Temporarily move faster after placing a teleporter

Deal burn damage and recieve less damage while using Overload
Equipping Hammer will make you faster and lighter

Quick melee is stronger than normal
Dealing damage rapidly gains Ult charge

Increased damage while using Widowmaker's Ultimate
Widowmaker's ability 2 shoots a projectile that sends opponents upwards and stuns

Use Secondary Fire to thrust yourself in the direction you're looking

Use ability 2 on a target to gain healing from them

You can triple jump

Planned Changes

Additional maps
Updates when new heroes are released
Bug fixes and balance changes as they come up
Further reworks to characters who have weak/useless abilites, or who just aren't very interesting.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Maps: King's Row
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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