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incoming transmition
signal origin: Comunication tower London
transmition age: 4 days ago
"Strike team01 this is your commander speaking. We need you to take control of this area Identified in the brief. We need to control as many areas as possible in order for us to survive against this invasion. Contact us once you have beaten these Omnics. Good luck Team."
transmition ended

primary systems booting up
combat mode enabled
transmition incoming
"bastion unit 032582229504 we have intercepted a transmition. We know a location our enemy is ready to attack. You are being deployed there now push the enemy back"
transmition ends
hangar doors open

This is the omnic crisis a 5v5 mode humans vs omnics.
The aim is to capture the enemies capture point and push up while also defending you own capture point.
You can earn points from killing or damaging enemy units.
Points can be used to buy better units to fight off the enemy.

For help on the mode join my discord and supporting my channel will be really aprecieated

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: Orisa, Reinhardt, Bastion, Echo, Reaper, and 3 more...
Maps: Rialto, Numbani
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: ;D



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