overwatch survivor

wave survival top-down shooter with random upgrades

how far can you survive?


  • no special controls
  • all heroes enabled
  • randomized spawn tables and permanent upgrades every attempts
  • hazard effects that limits spaces to escape to

hero modifications

  • infinite magazine
  • healing amounts are heavily nerfed
  • some of abilities are hard to aim with because of the camera
  • pharah jetpack disabled


  • no respawns until current wave cleared. keep stand inside the blue circles to revive dead allies


  • I only testplayed multyplayer with AIs so you may encounter some problems I haven't find
  • I tried to make the mechanism simple enough to get involved quickly but also challenging. feel free to suggest idea or report issues


dropped by enemies

  • heal
  • ult charge - immediatley full charges ult
  • barrier - gain temporal health
  • nano boost


all of these are magenta color
only 4 upgrades available for each attempts

  • shield - gain permanent shield
  • regeneration - heal over time
  • movement speed
  • ult charge bonus - restore certain amount of ult charge after using it
  • fire enchant - apply DoT to all attacks
  • corpse bomb - killed enemies causes small explosion
  • stun melee - melee damage increased and also stun enemies


  • soldier 76
  • lucio - shoots projectile
  • pharah - shoots projectile
  • ashe - throw dynamites
  • ramattra - throw damaging areas on the foot
  • genji - moves faster
  • tracer - moves faster and blinks behind playes
  • roadhog - high HP
  • zenyatta - knockbacks you with melee
  • sombra - goes stealth after spawning and hacks you with melee
  • kiriko - throw suzu and teleport

boss enemies

appears in the end of every 5 waves

  • moira
  • reinhardt
  • orisa

hazard effect

the effect radius gets bigger every waves

  • toxic cloud - three static DoT spheres and it gets bigger by time
  • fire storm - huge explosions
  • blizzard - moving spheres makes players frozen inside
Players | 1 - 4
Categories: PvE
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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