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The default game goal is to score 100 kills, but the goal can be changed to be a certain net worth (see Customization section on Overwatch forums). The maximum match time is 50 minutes.
You start the game with default player stats (and a bit reduced speed) and disabled abilities. You can choose any hero from randomized hero pool (if used), but this hero will be locked till the end of the match. Switching hero will cost some gold, and the price increases as you upgrade.
You can view your current stats by pressing Interact. They will stay visible until the number of other players want to view their stats.

Stats list:

Gold - Amount of gold player currently has;
Health - Current max health as percentage relative to default max health of the player;
Damage - Current damage as percentage relative to default damage of the player;
Projectile speed - Current projectile speed as percentage relative to default projectile speed of the player;
Running speed - Current movement speed as percentage relative to default movement speed of the player;
Regeneration - Regeneration of the player;
Lifesteal - Percentage of the player's damage converted to health;
Passive gold - The passive gold player recieves per second;
Gold per kill - The amount of gold player recieves upon dealing final blow. Assists are awarded half of this value;
Gold stealing - The amount of gold player receives upon dealing 200 points of base damage, i.e. the amount of damage he would deal if he had default damage. In other words, you will steal the same amount of gold per shot regardless of your damage level. Gold of the victim is reduced by that amount. You can't steal more gold than the victim currently has;
Gold per treasure - The amount of gold player recieves from each treasure. If player owns a goldmine, he recieves the passive income of this value divided by 30 per second.
Net worth
Net worth is the amount of gold player currently has plus total amount of gold player spent on upgrades. In other words, it's the total amount of gold player earned throughout the game minus the gold stolen from him and the gold spent on switching the hero. Net worth for every player is displayed in "Net worth ranking" HUD and is visible for everyone. The ranking can be disabled in settings (see Customization section below).

Shop and upgrades
You can enter the shop by holding Interact key (F by default) while standing still. The time it takes to teleport depends on the health you have.

If you are at full health, it's 3 seconds;
If you are more than half health, it's 5 seconds;
If you are less than half helath, it's 7 seconds.
If you are attacked, attack someone or move during chanelling, teleportation will abort. If you are dead, you can press Interact to be teleported to shop immediately upon respawn (if the shop is not on cooldown).
In the shop you can upgrade your stats by pressing Interact while standing in corresponding shop circles. If you want to buy many levels at once, you can bulk-buy by crouching and holding Interact.
To leave the shop, pass through one of the exit gates.

Shop timer and cooldown
To prevent players from stucking in the shop for too long, the amount of time player can stay in shop is limited. If you stay there for more than a minute, you will be kicked from the shop.
After you leave the shop or get kicked, you will be set on Shop cooldown displayed in your HUD. You can't teleport to shop when it's active. Cooldown time equals the time you spent in shop, but the minimum is 15 seconds.

After match starts, yellow orbs representing treasures will start spawning every 40 seconds. There is a total of 7 treasures on the map. You can collect them by walking through them. Treasures respawn every time a match time passes 40 seconds unless they weren't collected. The amount of gold you receive from them depends on your Gold per treasure* stat.

There are two goldmines on the map, represented by white sparkles above big green circles. When a player enters goldmine, he begins capturing it. After 5 seconds* pass, the player captures the goldmine. If an enemy player enters the goldmine you are capturing, capturing process will stop until either player leaves goldmine or dies. The capture progress will start to slowly decay. Text above the goldmine displays the owner of this generator, and particles are green to the owner. Player can own only 1 goldmine at a time. If you own a goldmine, you receive extra passive gold, shown in green HUD, which equals to your Gold per treasure stat divided by 30 and rounded down. If your goldmine is being captured, you will be notified. After you lost the goldmine, HUD with gold from goldmine disappears.

Gold generator
In the middle of the map there is a gold generator represented by yellow sparkles. It gives passive gold for players inside it*. The amount of gold per second doesn't depend on any player stat, and it increases exponentially as the game goes; it's capped at 200 gold per second. If there are several players inside generator, the bonus is equally split among them.

If player is using certain abilities on certain heroes, he can't collect treasures and gold from generator and capture the goldmines. See Hero notes* below.

Compensation for late players
If the player joines a match mid-game, he will be awarded gold and passive gold levels he would have earned if he spent all his passively earned gold on passive gold upgrade as soon as it became available. This will still leave this player far behind his opponents, because they also have other sources of income.

Healing scaling
The more max health player currently has, the more healing from healthpacks and hero abilities he receives, proportionally. Shields and barrier regeneration is not affected due to workshop limitations.

Ultimate generation
Due to Workshop's limitations, I couldn't scale Ultimate generation from damage properly. Ultimate generation from damage is disabled in this mode, while passive generation is set to 300%.

Hero notes

If player is using Sombra's Invisibility, Reaper's Wraith Form, Moira's Fade or Mei's Cryo-Freeze he can't pick up treasures, collect gold from generator or capture goldmines.
Genji's Deflect is not broken in this mode. He deflects the same damage he recieves.
Lifesteal upgrade doesn't work on Reaper, because he already has a lifesteal of 30%. In my opinion, this would be too overpowered.
D.va's shop leaving is delayed due to Workshop glitch associated with her.
Mercy's ultimate generation speed is decreased due to ultimate generation glitch associated with her.

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