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Hi again! I was bored.

GAME CHANGES - - - - - - - - -
2CP has been reimplemented.
Added a UI element to show how much DPS and HPS you are currently doing.



  • Health pool changed to 225 armor, 225 health.

D.Va felt way too hard to kill in most instances, so I'm reducing her health pool to make her more reliant on her team and make her feel a bit more equivalent to the other Tanks.


  • Health pool changed from 450 health to 350 health and 100 armor.
  • Rocket Punch damage increased from 25-50 to 30-60. Empowered punch follows the same principle.
  • Rocket Punch Cooldown increased to 8 seconds.
  • Rocket Punch Cooldown will decrease to 4 seconds on a successful hit.
  • Hitting a wall with an Empowered Rocket Punch will stun Doomfist for half a second and deal 60 self-damage.
  • Meteor Strike will now knock back enemies hit by it.
  • Added indicators to show Doomfist's position while using Meteor strike.

Most of these changes are to make Doomfist a higher-impact hero without making him feel worse to play against or with. The indicator was added so that it is easier for Doomfist to coordinate with his team while using Meteor Strike.


  • Omnic Form Base Health changed from 450 health to 225 health, 225 shields.
  • Nemesis Form Base Health changed from 450 health, 225 armor to 225 health, 450 armor.
  • Nemesis Form cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
  • Void Barrier health decreased to 500.
  • Void Barrier cooldown reduced to 9.75 seconds.

These are some extremely experimental changes.
The new Shield base health is to help Ramattra survive while in Omnic Form, as he can be rather vulnerable without his cooldowns, compared to a hero like Reinhardt, where he is rather hard to kill, even without cooldowns.
The Nemesis Form changes are to help Ramattra survive in a heavy-CC environment, as even with his high natural health pool, it is rather easy to kill Ramattra while inside of Nemesis Form due to his large hitbox and ability to CC him easily.
The Void Barrier changes are to balance out his new survivability inside of Nemesis Form and make it easier to kill Ramattra while he is in Omnic Form.


  • New Passive - "The Apocalypse": Every elimination will reduce Chain Hook's cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Take A Breather will now create a 15 meter wide area that will heal teammates who enter its radius. Last 5 seconds, 30hp/sec, healing persists.
  • Using Take A Breather will slow Roadhog down by 25%.

Roadhog has been in desperate need of some form of team-based utility. This is looking to bring him more into the support side of Tanking than the DPS side.


  • Receives a 25% speed boost while using Kinetic Grasp.
  • Successfully stunning a player with Accretion Mass will provide a 50 hp heal to Sigma.

These changes help make Sigma feel more like a brawlier tank without removing his poke ability, while also rewarding skillful Sigma players for hitting their Accretion.


  • New Passive - "Genetic Modification": If Winston currently has access to Primal Rage and dies, he will have the option to immediately respawn where he died with Primal Rage active.

This is a pretty miniscule change, but it just makes Winston a more unpredictable and hard to kill tank.



  • Shuriken damage increased from 28 to 29
  • Dragonblade swipe damage reduced to 80 from 110
  • Dragonblade now causes a bleed effect on victim. 50hp/sec, 2 secs

Genji is in a pretty mediocre state at the moment. He doesn't provide enough damage to be picked consistently and most times is outmatched by Tracer and Sombra. I want to move away from Dragonblade being a one-shotting ultimate with damage boosts so I've introduced the bleed effect to give victims of Dragonblade a chance of survival.


  • Projectile Speed increased by 100%
  • Storm Arrow charges reduced to 3 from 5

These changes are to make Hanzo more in-line with Widowmaker and Sojourn, while reducing his spam potential.


  • Frag Launcher direct damage increased to 130.
  • Frag Launcher deals significantly less damage towards armor.
  • RIP-Tire deals 60 damage on hit, and has a 5 second 100 damage/second afterburn.

Junkrat feels extremely oppressive to try to face as a Tank, so I'm making him more in-line with heroes like Symettra, who excel at shredding Shields. This allows Tank heroes to quickly run down Junkrat and eliminate him before he can cause mayhem.
This RIP-Tire change is to help lower health heroes survive, as RIP-Tire is almost always a sure-fire death sentence for a backline. But, the afterburn is to help balance it out and make sure you can't just survive RIP-Tire by just tanking it.


  • Health pool changed to 100 health, 100 armor.

At the moment Pharah is extremely weak mainly because she is very unsurvivable on her own. I'm hoping this change allows her to survive more on her own.


  • Health reduced from 250 to 200
  • Damage per pellet reduced to 4 from 6
  • Ammo increased to 10 from 8
  • Using Shadow Step automatically reloads your Hellfire shotguns.
  • Shadow Step now drops frag grenades at Reaper's feet upon teleporting.

These changes are to help Reaper become less-reliant on his Wraith Form to exist, as at the moment he is very reliant on it.



Now moved to Support role.

  • Primary Fire Ammo reduced to 6.
  • New Passive - "Battery Reserves": Echo will always regenerate 5 hp/sec. The support passive will not affect her.
  • Flight now grants a 50 hp burst to Echo. Lasts 1 second.
  • New Secondary Fire - "Energetic Sync": Echo will tether herself to an ally and grant them healing, while sacrificing her HP. 2 Friendly:1 Echo HP ratio. Will not take HP if her target's health is maximum, or if Echo's hp is below 100. 15 meter range. 30 hp/sec.
  • New Ability 2 "Bio Repair Turret": Echo places a small indestructable turret that will heal nearby teammates for 5 seconds. 25 HP/sec. Can target all teammates at once.
  • New Ultimate - "Symbiotic Balance": Echo repeatedly sends out healing (75 hp) and damaging projectiles (50 damage) to nearby enemies and teammates.

Hooo boy. This is a big one. I'm tired of the way current Echo plays, and considering she was intended to be a support hero, I thought I'd be very original and rework her into a support. Her kit is intended to be a super-high healing low-utility support, but also having a lot of damage potential to make up for it.
So Moira. She's just a better Moira.


  • Health pool changed to 150 health, 100 shields.
  • Rejuvinating Dash healing increased to 75.
  • Rejuvinating Dash distance increased.
  • Rejuvinating Dash will clear any status effects Lifeweaver has.
  • Rejuvinating Dash will give Lifeweaver a 25% speed buff for 3 seconds after use.
  • Rejuvinating Dash will now burst heal nearby teammates for 50 hp.
  • Tree of Life removed.
  • New Ultimate - "Vines of Life": Lifeweaver casts vines throughout the whole map, healing his team and providing them with a 50% damage reduction, and slow enemies. Lasts 6 seconds. This is a global ultimate.

With Lifeweaver's recent Buffs, I still feel as if his kit is extremely lack-luster, especially when it comes to Rejuvinating Dash, so I've decided to buff it heavily and slowly tune it down to a comfortable position.
Tree of Life is still an awful ultimate, so I'm keeping the Vines Of Life change in.

These changes are still disabled by default. You can reenable them in the Workshop settings.


  • Sound Barrier will now apply a buff to his teammates based on what mode of Crossfade Lucio is currently on.

This is a miniscule but powerful buff that makes Lucio have a bit more utility when it comes to Sound Barrier.


  • If out of resource and attempting to heal, Moira will exchange 25 health per tick of resource, down to 25 hp.
  • If you pick up a medkit while low on resource (must have taken damage) you will recover 50% of your resource.

These are quality of life changes that reward higher-APM Moira players with more healing output and sustain.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
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Current version: 1.1.0

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