Overwatch Classic (Beta 2016) - OUTDATED

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Overwatch Classic V1.2 reworked by NightKnight#2947 [with Ana] - Code: 3S6A7 | thanks to the other creators Rockett, Bonezorr, Blaking707, Zomg, sully, P1mpoluxe, xDidact, Xavvypls

*Important: *
Unfortunately, it is not possible to recreate exactly the conditions and abilities of that time. This workshop nevertheless tries to get as close as possible and currently still uses workarounds for a few things. This mode is still in progress - please reimport the code in the future. Thank you.

For this workshop, I used Rockett's Overwatch Classic Workshop as a basis, which adjusts stats like health and ammo to 2016 values (also Ana Nanoboost Speedup and Roadhog No Movement when Healing). After correcting errors, I combined with the workshops with that of Bonezorr (Bastion Shield - which strictly speaking was an alpha ability -> is optional) and Blaking707 (Hanzo Scatter Arrow) and more. Thanks to the Noserino and EloHell Community.

In this mode:

  • HP Values, Ammunation, Cooldowns and so on as close to first Balance Patch after Ana Release
  • Hanzo Scatter Arrow, No Lunge Jump, Sonic Arrow CD 20s
  • (Alpha) Bastion Shield (deactivated in the workshop settings by default)
  • Roadhog Movement Lock when selfheal, No DMG Resistance, Ulti Knockback -17%, 4 Ammo
  • Junkrat one Mine only
  • Reaper Souls, no In-Air Teleport, no lifesteal
  • DVA Matrix no CD + more matrix time, higher recharge, normal Mech DMG, No rockets, 200 Armor 400 HP
  • Tracer faster Blink recharge (-10 %)
  • Reinhardt optional 2000 HP shield, slower when shielding, 75 Swing DMG, changed Shatter Stun Duration
  • Lucio bigger Aura (+30%)
  • Genji 120 dmg Blade, increased Blade Duration to 8s
  • Full Symmetra Rework
  • Ana Speed Nanoboost, 10 Ammo
  • Bastion Recon 20 Ammo, Sentry 200 Ammo
  • McCree 200 HP, Flashbang 0,7 duration
  • Widowmaker 200 HP, 30 Ammo
  • Pharah Jetpack Recharge Rate +7%, Knockback +10%, Speed Jet Lift -10%, Concussion Blast 12s
  • Mei wastes Ammo when RMB, changed Cooldown to ~13s (but still starts when placed)

You can enable/disable many things inside the orange workshop options:

  • Heroe Changes
  • HUD
  • Dummy Bots which say you how much you healed/dealt damage
  • Noserino Tournament Mode (No Sym, Torb, No HUD)

For now, Torbjörnis not implemented

*Mercy: *
Mercy Mass Res will be available in the future.

Back in 2016, Cooldowns often started when the ability was over. For example the cooldown for the winston bubble or Mei wall starts when the bubble/wall was destroyed. This is not the case anymore today -> you press the button and the cooldown counts down. It's not really possible to change this/very difficult.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Tags: classic beta 2016
Heroes:, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, Zarya, and 17 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0



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