Mystery Lucioball

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Both teams have a randomised lineup of heroes that changes each round.
The teams are mirrored for balance and players are auto-swapped as neccersary.

There is a chance for all players to have the same hero - this can be changed in Settings.

Players still have health but deal reduced damage and get knocked down for 3s rather than having to respawn (at which point they are invulnerable for a few seconds)

'Waiting for players' mode is disabled by default, but enabling it allows you to cycle through heroes using 'Hello'

There is also an option for Lucio Only if you want to play Lucioball with the new Lucio features (Self-Knockback and Time Dilation)


The following heroes are available (in order of inclusion):
Lucio, Mei, Moira, Tracer, Orisa, Echo, Reaper, Roadhog, Zenyatta, Symmetra, Sombra, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Mercy, Genji, Zarya, Briggite.

Due to their abilities being glitchy Brig, Genji, and Widow have a reduced chance to be chosen.

'Single Hero' mode picks from Lucio, Tracer, Echo, Mei, Sym, Sombra, Reaper, Roadhog, Moira, and Mercy.


Most heroes have had reworks to better fit the game.

Primary fire is universally replace with Melee and all ammo is universally reduced to its minimum.
All heroes can 'quick drop' as per standard Lucioball and a +50% passive ult charge,
All non-tank heroes have a 20% speedboost, while tanks have a 10% speedboost.

Soundwave deals knockback to the user (as per Ashe's coachgun)
Ultimate slows time for all other players (excluding other ulting Lucios)

Secondary fire replaced with a quick burst of primary fire
50% speedboost on Fortify
Ult provides 25% speedboost to all teammates in area

Secondary disabled
Focus Beam duration reduced to 1 second

Shadowstep duration reduced to 0.64 seconds

50% Speedboost for duration of Breather

Now flys ala Sigma while off the ground
Harmony/Dischord grant a 25% speed buff/debuff

Increased Sentry cooldown
No delay between destroying teleporters and placing a new one

25% Speed Debuff on hack

When there is an avilable slot, Torb may place a mini-bastion as if it were a turret
While active, Bastion's firing replaces Torb's secondary fire and has aim assist on the ball
Bastion shares Torb's ammo and can fire for up to 4 seconds continuously
Destroying the Bastion returns Torb's secondary fire and instantly refunds 1 ammo

Ultimate grants 50% speedboost and coldown reduction while active

Does not require a target to use Guardian Angel; flies directly forward while held
Damage boost replaced with 50% speedboost

Secondary Disabled
Bubbles provide 50% speedboost

Primary fire disabled
Constantly holds up her shiled
50% cooldown reduction on Bash
Armor Packs provide 25% speedboost; multiple packs on one target stack in duration but not effect.


The are issues caused by lack of Wokshop support:

The game will drop frames while running, this seems to be a universal problem with Workshop+Lucioball

Targeting differences may mean Brig, Mercy, Zarya, Orisa, and Zen's abilities may not be applied to the correct teammates, and Reaper's Shadowstep is not always accurate.

The ball can reach very high speeds with some abilites, notable Mei's Wall, Genji's Dash and Ult, Tracer's Bomb, Torb's Ult, and all of Brig's attacks. Zarya's ult and Widow's grapple can also go crazy if applied directly to the ball. There are other heroes that cause worse problems that have been excluded entirely.

Torb's 'Turret' breaks if both teams are full, and can cause a player to be temporarily locked out if they join while their slot is occupied by the dummy


These are ideas that require Dev support, future workshop updates, or the game to be made official and rebuilt by actual devs:

  • Speed Cap on the ball - this would fix a lot of balance issues and would allow a lot more heroes to be included.

  • Actual workshop support - would mean I don't have to constantly check the timer to see when rounds end, and much more.

  • Reworking Torb's Turret to use the actual turret and to always aim at the ball; the ability would still be activated by primary fire.

  • Make Lucio's Ult feel like Lucio is playing the game at normal speed (gravity seems to not be supported in lucioball)

  • Standardising Reaper and Torb's Shotguns, and Zen's Kick, to match the KB of soundwave, have them (and other ammo-based abilities such as Orisa's) linked to GUI cooldowns

  • Have Sym's orbs scale knockback with damage, or bring back her old ability to pick up the ball

  • Swapping Mei and Zarya's Secondary to their Primary (and removing the punch from Orisa's)

  • Allowing Roadhog to affect the ball; Ditto with other CC abilities such as Rein's charge, Junkrat's Trap, and Oria's Halt (possibly replacing Shield)

  • Allowing Moira's Secondary to lock on to the ball and increase the pull effect - Cold also be applied to her orbs (which need their lifetime reduced to about 1.5s)

  • Adding aim assist to Widow's grapple when targeting the Ball, and/or allowing it to function as Wreckingball's grapple when the key is released as opposed to instantly disconnecting.

  • Tieing the speedboosts directly to abilities rather than hacking them in

  • Allowing Sombra to Melee out of Stealth

  • Adding ult charge to saving goals, rolling ult charge over to the next round for scoring a goal

  • Manipulating the Fire system to make better POTGs

  • Having teams use the Red and Blue 'Rare' skins

  • Adding a non-mystery version (balance would be an issue)

Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Orisa, Zarya, Ashe, Echo, Mei, and 11 more...
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