Skin Contest (12 Players Edition)


This is not solely designed for just skin contest, but many unique features are built & enabled to run other unique contests such as "Find your partner & pair up" or anything you wish!

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Unique Meme Round...

Skin Contest (12 Players Edition)

Made by Bonkorn.

Game Mechanics:

  • Contest in a small aesthetic arena-like area.
  • 4 rounds per match.
  • Game automatically starts when at least 3 Contestants in the game.
  • Contestants have player collision enabled while Judge don't.
  • Phase: Waiting for Players (When less than 3 Contestants in the game) (Round will reset to 1)
  • Phase: Assemble Heroes (45 seconds)
  • Phase: Judge (Up to 2 minutes per round)
  • Contestants that joined 20 seconds late after Phase: Judge has started will be automatically killed and ragdoll won't be shown.
  • Individual Scoring: All Living Contestants earns a score on round end.
  • Tiebreaker: When more than 1 Contestant has the same highest score after final round has finished. Contestants with the same highest score continues to participate in the contest as last one standing, victory will belong to the last one standing. Assemble heroes time shortened to 20 seconds. No Time Limit for Phase: Judge. The Judge may use the seat to go to assemble heroes immediately. Participants that did not pick hero after 20 seconds following assemble heroes has passed will be removed from Tiebreaker.
  • Following gamemode settings are available to be changed in the workshop edtior: Minimum amount of Contestants to start, Rounds per match, Time per round, Enable/Disable Tiebreaker (If disabled, winner will be chosen randomly among the highest score after final round has finished).


  • Pick skin that meets the Judge's criterias provided in the text chat during assemble heroes.


  • Proceed to next round by going to the seat and crouch.
  • Control panel is available at the wall behind the spawn. Go near and shoot the button (sphere) to use. Available options: Freeze all contestants, Resurrect a dead contestant, Destroy / Restore all D.Va mech, Kill a random Contestant (does not automatically kill D.Va after destroyed mech), Show team rings (for players to gather each other if needed for running unique contests such as "Find your partner & pair up").
  • Control: Resurrect a dead contestant only include contestants that is not late-joined and killed by the Judge.

For Host (How to set someone as Judge):

  • Place the player you want to be the Judge in the 12th player slot. Image Title

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Tags | skin contest judge
Heroes | All
Maps | Lijiang Tower
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.1.6


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