👕 Skin Contest (12 Players Edition)


This is not solely designed for just skin contest, but many unique features are built & enabled to run other unique contests such as "Find your partner & pair up" or anything you wish!

Skin Contest (12 Players Edition)

Skin Contest but with max amount of contestants up to 11 (any many unique features)!

Game Mechanics:

  • Contest in a small aesthetic arena-like area.
  • Infinite Rounds; ideal while you waiting for a game!
  • Contestants have player collision enabled while Judge don't.
  • Assemble Heroes Time: 45 seconds.
  • Individual Scoring: All Living Contestants earn a score on round end.


  • Pick skin that meets the Judge's criterias provided in the text chat during assemble heroes.


  • Start the game/Proceed to next round by going to the seat and crouch.
  • Control panel is available at the wall behind the spawn. Go near and shoot the button (sphere) to use. Available options:
  • Freeze all contestants
  • Resurrect a dead contestant
  • Destroy / Recover all D.Va mech
  • Kill a random Contestant (does not automatically kill D.Va after destroyed mech)
  • Show team rings (for players to gather each other if needed for running unique contests such as "Find your partner & pair up")

For Host (How to set someone as Judge):

  • Place the player you want to be the Judge in the 12th player slot. Image Title

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Heroes | All
Maps | Lijiang Tower
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.2.0


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Update Log



  • Reworked everything for while you wait; no more round limit and tiebreaker, score of all players are reset each time the judge changes.
  • Now require only 1 or more contestants to start.
  • Removed round time entirely and replaced with time elapsed instead.
  • No longer kill players that joined in middle of round.
  • All heroes will now be enabled automatically in selection in case new heroes added.
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