Resurrection - Soul Stealer by Roughknite#1328

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Resurrection - Soul Stealer

(These settings can be used for ANY game-mode! If in Free-for-all your original soul can not change!)

Death isn't final! When you die spawn right away as an Angel of Death who can kill anyone in one shot! Be warned though, you only have 20 health as an Angel of Death! If you kill someone as an Angel of Death you steal their soul. The soul you steal is located at the top right, and you only gain the soul of the first person you kill as the Angel of Death. Once you have a soul, use your Ultimate to Resurrect yourself as the soul you stole!

The only way you actually gain a kill, is by killing another Angel of Death before she can Resurrect herself!

This is my first game-mode creation, and took me about 5 hours to modify and customize all the scripts to get this working. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Thank you!

Credit: Base script originated from DarwinStreams from his Mech Wars game

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