Troll Overwatch

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Troll Overwatch

This is a gamemode where every here has a troll/handicap.
You wil see it in game.

Sleep: You wil go in a random direction
Nade: You wil lose all you ammo

Coach gun: You wil go forward
Dynamite: You wil go forward

Secondary fire: You wil hit the ground
Regen Burst: You lose all your ammo
Lamp: You wil be damage by 15

Sentry: Lose 50 hp
Ult: Be knocked in the air

Rocket Fail: Fall back
Shield: Be pushed back

Matrix: Speed boast forward
Primary Fire: Go back
Boost: Go fast

Rocket Punch: Go backward
Uppercut: You go up

Flight: Go down for a sec
Beam: Backwards

Reflect: Go back
Ult: You fly up into the air
Dash: Lose all ammo

Shoot: Backwards
Jump: Higher jump

Trap: Fall dawn
Mine: Lose ammo
Shoot: Backwards
Ult: Go a bit to the left

Shoot: Backwards
Boop: More backwards
Ult: Fly into the sky

Ult: Fly to the sky
Burst fire: Backwards
Flash: Back

Primary Fire: Go back
Cyro Freze: Fly up to the sky
Wall: No ammo

Guardian Angel: Fly higer

Fade: Go faster
Ult: Go back for a sec

Ult: Fly down
Barrier: Fly up
Primary Fire: Faster

Primary Fire: Backwards
Fly: Extra high

Wraith: Go up
Ult: Go up

Charge: Forward
Ult: Fly high

Primary Fire: Backwards
Ult: Backwards for a sec

Rock: Backwards
Ult: Fly insane high in the sky

Run: Faster
Rocket: Backwards

Translocater: Fly high
Ult: Fly high

Teleporter: Fly high
Primary Fire: Backwards

Overload: Lose ammo
Ult: Fly

Blink: Faster

Rope: Flys for a sec
Mine: Backwards

Leap: Higer
Primary Fire: Backwards

Piledriver: Up and down

Projeted Barrier: Jump
Ult: Up

Discord orb: Lose 10 hp
Ult: Go left:

(You can change the ult charge if you fell like you waste ults

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.1

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