Customizable Nanoblade Trainer by Provoxin#1418

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Practice your nanoblades! Add any bots you want to Team 2 and yourself to Team 1.


While in noclip (Editing Mode)

  • Primary Fire - Place bot at green sphere, or release a grabbed bot if there is one
  • Secondary Fire - Remove last placed bot, or grab and drag a bot if you aim at them
  • Ultimate - Remove all bots
  • Interact + Primary Fire - Place a restart point (Blue Sphere)
  • Interact + Secondary Fire - Remove restart point
  • Ability 2 - Exit Editing Mode
  • Ultimate Status - Show bot locations for saving

While in Play Mode

  • Acknowledge - Activate Instakill Mode


Play Mode

  • Damage is set to nanoboosted levels while blading, and normal levels while not
  • All bots are resurrected after all placed bots are dead
  • If a restart point has been placed, the player will teleport back to it after all placed bots are dead
  • Not having a restart point returns the player to Editing Mode after all placed bots are dead
  • All additional effects and HUD elements are removed while not in Editing Mode

Editing Mode

  • Noclip is active, meaning you can fly around as if in spectator mode, and fly through walls (Thanks to Xerxes)
  • Use normal movement keys to move around, Jump to move upwards, Crouch to move downwards, and Ability 1 to move faster
  • Shows which bot will be placed next in the top right
  • Allows player to grab and drag bots by using Secondary Fire on them
  • Saveable bot locations

Please send any suggestions, questions, bug reports, etc to Provoxin#5368 on Discord.

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