We host a variety of content creator related events in The Hard Carry Club, we use this workshop code to house a lot of our smaller items that don't require their own workshop code.


  • Max spectators: 12
  • Pauses on player disconnect
  • No team swapping
  • Return to lobby after a game
  • All modes competitive rules
  • No killcams
  • Game starts immediately
  • Map rotates after game


Most every feature can be applied to either team and configured by team. You're not locked to all or nothing.


Disclousure for anyone who doesn't know...these aren't real cheats. It's workshop code, custom games.


A custom aimbot (with a fancy-dancy menu) with following options:

  • Targeting modes (always, on shoot)
  • Target priority (random, lowest health, highest health, nearest player)
  • Ignore shields
  • Auto heal team


Widow's sights all the time

Player Icons

Show the hero icons above player heads no matter where they are on the map

Ult Peek

You can now see enemy ult charge on the top left

Hardcore Mode

Disable the UI, text chat, and everything but the score.

Mystery Heroes

Available options:

  • Hero pool (applies to both teams)
  • Keep ult charge between lives
  • Change every hero on the team when anyone dies

Stats Multiplier

Multiply all stats (healing, damage, health, etc) on a team up to 50x their normal amount.

Unlimited X

Currently just gives instant ults to either team. No abilities, yet.


Healer Not Supports

Deny all damage from any hero that's classified as a support hero.


  • PMAJellies as some of this functionality was originally written by him for Jay3 and we merged it in with our code to allow us to do more for each video
  • CactusPuppy & Trollski for their constant support. I definitely hit them up and they've been so helpful and can't thank them enough!
  • Spiderman31807 - Aimbot code improvements for projectiles
Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Tools, Miscellaneous
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.1.0


CHEATS: Enable Aimbot
Crouch + Melee
CHEATS: Open Aimbot Menu
CHEATS: Enable Aimbot
CHEATS: Open Aimbot Menu
CHEATS: Enable Aimbot
CHEATS: Open Aimbot Menu
CHEATS: Enable Aimbot
CHEATS: Open Aimbot Menu
CHEATS: Enable Aimbot
CHEATS: Open Aimbot Menu

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