Infected (Call of Duty Style) by Atretochoana#11742

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Hold out as long as you can against the Infected. Salvation awaits after you eliminate 50 infected, but this task is incredibly difficult.

Survivor Features


Just your average assault rifle wielding soldier. Comes with everything except his biotic field because it would be useless to place down. Oh, and don't even think about rocket jumping.


Armed with a powerful rifle, Ashe can take down 5 infected without reloading. That's right, one bullet, one kill. As a bonus, she comes equipped with some dynamite to blow up rooms full of infected.


Sombra comes equipped with a fast shooting UZI which has a 50-bullet magazine that will mow down infected. While she doesn't have any of her normal abilities, she does have access to a M.O.A.B. All she has to do is to get some kills, power up her ultimate, and then use it when the time is right.

Infected Features

Only Infected Bonus

This game allows up to the full count of 12 players. Seeing how only one survivor catches this strange illness at the start, it would seem very difficult to infect at least one other survivor. To assist in this dilemma, an infected individual who is all alone, has access to the Wraith ability.


Infected individuals are very fragile and die very easily. In order to keep up with this influx of deaths, Infected are provided with a gravestone. A gravestone is essentially a respawn location. By holding the interact key (F), an infected individual can place down this structure and when they die, they will respawn at that location. The gravestones cannot be destroyed by survivors and are used only once, which means they have to put it down every life.

Death Streak

Even with a gravestone, Infected may not be enough to reach the survivors and infect them. To help, Infected are given a speed boost if they die 5 times without an infection. They are then given another speed boost at 10 deaths without an infection. They are reset back to normal speed once they get an infection.

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