猪猪钩钩乐 [HAPPY HOG]

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A multiplayer game that causes environmental kill by hook chain of Roadhog, originated from Chinese server and started in 2019.

Two areas for lifeguard are set at the hole at the bottom of the bridge and the gap on the bridge in Eichenwalde. Use quick melee when hooking to interrupt the hook, that would make the victims moving at a high speed. (Press v while pulling somebody towards u by your hook to make him fly away.)

By default, kill 100 pigs to end the game, or save 200 pigs as lifeguard.

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Game Characteristic:

Interrupting the hook:

Manually interrupt the hook while pulling the victim towards u to keep him moving at a high speed so that the victim will fly in the direction you decide. (It is not the quick melee that causes the repulsion)

  • It should be noted that you can't use this function in the official competition, which is only the characteristic of Happy Hooking Pig. But you can use Roadhog's ultimate skill to interrupt the hook chain, which has the same effect. Being invaded or going through the portal makes the same effect.

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If you practice enough, you can master more skills.

For more advanced skills, please watch the vedio tutorial on
[More detailed video tutorial]


  1. When there is no lifeguard, stand in one of the areas wrappered by white rings (tow areas in Eichenwalde totally, and one is at the hole at the bottom of the bridge and another is at the gap on the bridge) and use the respirator (key E) to become the lifeguard. The lifeguard has invincible buff and blue outline (observed by others).

  2. Two lifeguard areas are set window at the bottom of the bridge and the gap on the bridge, but only one area coule be existed at the same time. The default is underground. The host can switch the area in the setting (long press the interaction key (key F) to open).

  3. The lifeguard could press the squat key(key Ctrl) to repel the pigs around (so other players aren't recommended to stand in front of the lifeguard), in addition, lifeguard can also press the ultimate skill key (key R) to start automatic repulse.

  4. Lifeguard kills pigs or do not save pigs will be decreased HP, and save pigs to recover HP.

  5. If the lifeguard hooks the pig stands on ground, the lifeguard will be decreased HP as punishment.

  6. Lifeguard will lose the qualification and buff if exits area or dies.

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Ultimate skill: Flying to the sky

  1. If your charge of ultimate skill is full, it will be automatically used after falling under the lifeguard platform, so that you can soar to the sky (no manual operation is required, but manual operation is also acceptable)
  • If the ultimate skill is opened manually in advance, it may not take effect.
  1. You can get ultimate skill after being killed 8 times. Long press the ultimate skill key (key Q) to exchange

  2. Press the key Q to end the ultimate skill ahead of its ending

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Title system

pictures that getting the title

Players could get titles when the number of kills reaches 10, 30, 60, 99, 150, or the number of pigs it saved reaches 30, 60, 88, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 respectively.

Notice that getting the title

Meaning of each title

10 Porcine Ganghyena

30 Unstoppable

60 Violent pig

99 Guard with Hook

150 pig bullies


30 angelic pig in white

60 Altar Messenger

88 Pig healer

100 Warm Daddy

150 Living Asclepius

200 Salvation Pig

Rest area

There are two rest areas on the aloft board at the castle gate at the end of point B. U can get into the invincible state in one of the rest areas, but if u hook others, u will lose the state.

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Anti malicious hook

If u meet with malicious hook(do not kill the enemy, just control you beside him by hook), u can press the interaction key to reborn and report him. If someone are reported for some times, he will be punished with the hooked CD.

Setting in Game

  1. Long press the interaction key (F) to open the setting, and then long press to close.

Press the interactive key to switch to next setting.

Click left or right mouse button to switch options.

Select the confirm modification button(确认) in last box and long press the interaction key to make the setting effective.

Long press the interaction key at other place to cancel your change.

  1. The owner can set "lifeguard area" in the setting.

  2. Other players can also change player setting.

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After killing the enemy, you can unlock the function that transfer yourself to point A or point C.

You can transfer from the place in the picture of point C to the second rest area, where u can call a robot by clicking squat key to practice.

Function for Piggy

This function is to protect you from injury, or u want to relax, but don't want to just stay on the board.

For the balance of the game, you can't make any offensive actions.

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Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Solo
Heroes: Roadhog
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:

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