Spies vs Mercs by Chay#21507

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Asymmetric game with the stealthy Spies versus the dangerous Mercs. The Spies goal is to capture 2 objectives out of the 3. The Mercs's mission is to defend the objectives till the end of the timer OR eliminate the spies to exhaust their respawn tickets to 0.
Based on the Splinter Cell franchise.

Due to the positions requirement, when you want to change map you need to open the workshop and change the variable in the first rule (Map Index) to the map you want to play.

Any feedback is appreciated and more importantly, have fun!

Each team and character have his own mechanic.

Spies team

  • Knockdown
    • You can knockdown mercs if you hit them from behind with a melee attack. https://gfycat.com/fr/backjauntyduck
    • You can’t spam the melee attack to knockdown mercs as soon as they get up, they will have a temporary immunity before being vulnerable to knockdown again.
    • When you knockdown a merc 3 times he will be eliminated.
    • If you hit a merc from front 2 times consecutively he will be stun briefly and still get a temporary knockdown immunity.
  • Hacking a merc slow down his movements and it become easier to get behind him.
  • FlashBang (Ultimate)
    • You throw a flash bang on your feet who stun any nearly merc for a very short time.
  • Tear sticky mine (Primary Fire)
  • You can recover your gadgets in the spawn.
  • Press "Ability 2" to switch from first to third person camera and vice versa.
  • You don't trigger mercs's mines when you crouch and you can defuse these by approaching and using the hack. https://gfycat.com/fr/activerewardingarachnid
  • You can wall jump, once in the air and facing a wall press (Jump) to get a second impulsion. https://gfycat.com/fr/quarterlysnappygourami
  • The spies can help each other to reach higher positions with a cooperative action. When a spy crouch and stay idle, his ally can get a boost when pressing (Interact) on the crouched spy. https://gfycat.com/fr/deficientediblearacari
  • Invisibility ability is now energy limited.

Mercs team

  • Revive
    • You can revive a knocked down ally by holding (Interact) on their unconscious body.
  • Weapons now use ammunition
    • Once depleted, you cannot shoot.
    • You can refill your magazines with the supplies designed by a yellow ring.
    • Once used, the supply is unavailable for 1 minute.
  • Abilities now use unique ammo, except for specials like sprint or roll.
    • If your ability is a placeable object you can only have one active at a time.
    • You can refill your abilities ammo on one of the three supplies designed by a yellow ring. https://gfycat.com/fr/forcefulglisteninggelada
    • Once used, the supply is unavailable for 1 minute.


  • Remote Gas Mine (Ability 1)
    • Throw a mine who poison anyone who are in the explosion radius.
    • To throw the mine, press (Ability 1).
    • To activate the mine, press (Secondary Fire).
    • The spy can defuse it.
    • It can cause friendly fire.
  • Immunity Breather (Ability 2)
    • Once used, you became immune to any melee attack for 10 seconds.
    • Long cooldown before being available again.


  • Incendiary Mine (Ability 1)


  • Stun Mine (Ability 2)
  • Stun everyone in his radius when a spy trigger it. https://gfycat.com/fr/lazyeagerafricangoldencat
  • To set the trap, hold (Ability 2) on a surface.
  • The spy trigger the trap even if he is invisible.
  • The spy can defuse it.
  • It can cause friendly fire.

Soldier: 76

  • Hand Grenade (Ability 2)
    • Damage everyone standing near the explosion.
    • To throw the greande, press (Ability 2).
    • Explode after 2 seconds and stick to the surfaces.
    • It can cause friendly fire.


  • Motion Sensor (Ability 2)
    • Detect everything moving in a 20m radius and in 360 degrees. https://gfycat.com/fr/healthyadvancedgrouper
    • To set the sensor, hold (Ability 2) on a surface.
    • It doesn’t make a difference between a spy or a merc.
    • It doesn’t detect crouch.
    • Can still detect invisible spies.
    • The Spy can disable it.


  • Chaff Grenade (Ability 1)
  • Surveillance camera (Ability 2)
    • Add second POV for Baptiste.
    • When looking through the camera, you can see energy emitted by the spies when they are invisible. https://gfycat.com/fr/violetrespectfuldingo
    • To set the camera, hold (Ability 2) for 1 second. It will be placed on where you are standing and his direction will be the same as yours.
    • Once you have set the camera, press (Interact) to switch your pov with the camera one.
    • The spy can disable it.

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