Torb Murder by HeisenBear#21356

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At the start of each round:

  • One player is Torbjorn the killer and has to kill all other players with his hammer
  • One player is McCree the cop and has to protect innocents
  • All other players are just innocent Torbjorns

If McCree kills an innocent, he becomes an innocent Torbjorn himself and drops his weapon on the ground. Any Torbjorn, instead of the murderer, can grab the gun and becomes McCree. The man who dropped the gun has 20 seconds before being able to grab it again

A new round starts if the murderer dies or if he kills everybody

You have 10 minutes to get the highest score possible

Point system:

~~- If Torb the murderer kills someone => he earns one point~~
~~- If he kills everybody => he earns one bonus point and a new round starts~~

  • If Torb the murderer kills everybody => He earns 3 points
  • If the murderer dies => All currently alive players earn one point and a new round starts
  • If the cop kills the murderer => the McCree player earns a bonus point


  • 4-12 Players; Recomended: 6 players
  • Duration => 10 minutes
  • You can change the number of player but 6 players is the most balanced game mode
  • The game needs to have all slots fullfilled to work properly. Pls don't leave the game during game
  • Playable on all maps
  • Use party chat (orange channel) to speak with other players (or be on Discord)
  • RP Rule: If you get killed, don't speak, even if you know who is the murderer
  • Pls avoid to use scoreboard, actually we can't hide it :/

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Players | 1 - 6
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