Knife Fight | Multiclass

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You Ever Just Wanted To Unleash Your Inner Londoner? Well Do I Have A Game Mode For You! Unleash Stabby Mcstuff Face On To The World. Introducing Knife Fight Multi-Class!

Choose from a great selection of heroes

Junker Queen

A horrifying near unstoppable bloodthirsting monster that drains the life of her enemies into power for your rampage. Your victims may give you power but the further away they are the less you can endure make sure to keep them trapped!


Mobile, Stealthy and a blade so sharp it cuts through even the finest metals but just like his real world counterparts he easily falls under any direct confrontation. Make sure to clean up your foes before they even know your there!


Quick, Agile and Accurate need I say more? clean up your opponents before they can even pull the knife out from there aching skull, just make sure to hit every shot.

Players | 1 - 1
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Current version: 1.0

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