Wingman/Battle Royale Duos Remastered

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****My wingman gamemode, completley remastered.

Inspired by Gears of War Wingman gamemode, each player has a wingman that is the exact same hero as them. Your goal is to eliminate all of the other players. There are 8 players and 4 teams, and death lasts until the next round. You get a point for every kill, and you also get 1 point for every alive teammate at the end of a round if you win. After the 2 minute timer expires, there will be an objective in the center of the map that you can capture to win the round. You need 20 points to win, but you also need to win a round with 20 or more points to win the game. You will never play as the same hero twice. Spawn locations rotate every round. There are only 8 maps, but I plan on adding more later.
To select your own teams, here is the setup.

Blue Team: Slot 0 and 2
Red Team: Slot 1 and 3
Green Team: Slot 4 and 5
Yellow Team: Slot 6 and 7

(If you’re wondering why Blue Team isn’t 0 and 1, that’s so the first 2 people the are in the game are not in the same team)

Feel free to message me on discord @AirLight#4822 if you have any questions, suggestions, you find a bug, etc.

Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 1.0

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