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You are a wizard. Start by choosing class. You gain abilities by leveling up. Press interact key to switch class.

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Hello, Webb! I have recently played your game with 2 of my friends and it was really addicting and fun, one of the best Overwatch Workshop experiences I've had! But I still consider it fair for me to write down some things about the game as they are my opinions on what could be future changes in the game.

As much as it is fun experimenting with all the classes in the gamemode, it feels like you, the player, revolve just around getting the new skills and not doing much else; which can make the game become tedious after some time of playing. Because of that, I'd suggest you add more skills for each class (maybe make level requirements higher too, with each class having an equal number of abilities); add an on-screen list of the abilities you've unlocked or have yet to, in a darker shade to resemble that you can't use it; add in-game events to get players to participate more in-game, aside from pvp (a.i bosses, loot drops with maybe special gear items with powerups, etc.); and finally for this session, I think one of the essentials for this mode is: balancing the classes.
I will use this session for things I do not recommend adding into the mode: -Adding upgrades through a money system, or just quests with money rewards; -Other playable heroes, mercy works well and fits into the theme; That is all I can remember at the moment and I thank you for your consideration. P. S: Please update your discord link.

Webb creator

Im happy that you enjoyed my mode! I spent a lot of time making it. Fun fact actually made this mode 3 times but the preset got deleted because of a bug. The feedback is really helpful. I will take this in to consideration. Regarding "I'd suggest you add more skills for each class (maybe make level requirements higher too, with each class having an equal number of abilities)" i will be adding more abilities. Keep in mind this mode is still wip. I will update discord link but I need new bit.ly for all my modes because i cant edit destination :| If you still want to join the discord here is the new link. https://bit.ly/webbsdiscord

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