Pick Me Pick You

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Pick Me Pick You: Choose your enemy's heroes!

How it Works

While in spawn, press Interact to open Hero Selection; The player in the matching slot of the enemy team is forced to play the selected hero, and they pick the hero you play in return.


You can swap players even when they are mid-fight; they retain their momentum and health and will quickly build their ult charge back up. Your own ult will also take a moment to recharge after swapping.
There are no role limits so go crazy.

Gameplay Options

There is an optional setting to allow players to enter hero select while on the control point, and players can swap hero anywhere during Skirmish.

Best played on Control but will work well on most team-based modes; try in Elimination for a unique challenge mode.
A future update to improve TDM is planned

Players | 2 - 12
Categories: King of the Hill
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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