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Doom parkour object buble. Doomfist can diag/bounce or stop against these buble asif they where objects.


  • step 1) melee to select the orb, a highlighted orb turns orange
  • step 2) Interact to toggle editing mode
  • step 3) jump/crouch to change how far the orb is placed
  • step 4) primary fire to place the orb at the highlighted location.

implementing in your map

Step 1: enter orb positions

  • Write down the vectors on the right side, or copy them from the inspector.
    • Enter the orb positions at the rule 'object orb: data' in 'objectorb_locations'.
    • Remove the unused orb vectors, or they will mess with your existing orbs.

Step 2: fill in data

  • At the rule 'object orb: data', in 'objectorbcp' fill in when the orb should be visible.
  • Fill in -1 to make the orb will be usable to on Levels.
  • to be on a one Level, fill in Level + 1000 for example lv 5 would be 1005.
  • otherwise fill in the checkpoint number.

" note"
You can find the proper checkpoint and level numbers on your map via the inspector
Just go to your checkpoint and look at your player variables

Step 3: copy

  • Copy the workshop rules in the copy section at the bottom of this mode.

Step 5: check variables

  • 'Grace', 'Checkpoint' and 'Level' player variables need to have the same number as on your map
  • 'objectorblocations' and 'objectorbcp' should be on numbers of unused variables.
  • unused variables display white instead of grey in the workshop.

    Step 5.5 - only if you need more orbs
    - if you have more then 5 object bubles, you have to add more effects in 'object orb: visual'
    - copy the last existing buble fx and change the index number

** Step 6: paste**

  • just paste it into your map.
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Tools
Heroes: Doomfist
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.95



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