Written in the Stars - magic spell casting

Written in the Stars

a magic spell casting game with custom abilities and spells.
by pressing secondaty fire you can place stars.
each star connect to the previous placed star, allowing you to create symbols from lines.
after placing stars press primary fire. all existing stars will be consumed,
performing a spell if the combination was correct.
the game has 36 (by the time its written) custom made and uniqe spells. some are shared in this page, some in our discord server and some remain hidden waiting for someone to find them.

Spell Performing Guide
press secondary fire to place a star.
place stars in a combination that creates the spell symbol.
press primary fire.
if the symbol was correct and you have enough mana, the spell will be performed and your mana will be drained.
if the symbol is incorrect the stars will disappear and you'd have to draw the spell again.

for example, 'V' symbol is the way to cast the 'fire ball spell'. by placing 3 dots in a 'V' shape and pressing primary you will cast the fire ball spell.

few simple spells

Spell Name Symbol Description
fire ball spell blast a fire ball that explodes on impact, damaging enemies
healing spell restore health to yourself
speed spell increase your speed for a limited time

additional info

  • we have a discord server

  • spells are divided into 3 catagories: dark, elemental, divine.

  • we have 3 covens in the server,
    occultist, elementalist, cleric.
    each coven has a spell list with some of their spells that is available to its members.

  • spells have their mana cost, and using the same spell more than once in a row will increase its mana cost.

  • most spells start at the bottom or at the left.

  • order of stars matters

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Ashe, Cassidy, Doomfist, Echo, and 8 more...
Created at:
Last updated:


Secondary Fire
place stars
Primary Fire
consume all existing stars
place stars
consume all existing stars
place stars
consume all existing stars
place stars
consume all existing stars
place stars
consume all existing stars

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