Aim Training Labs by Mitchel#22917

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Improve your aim at the Aim Training Labs!

Singleplayer only!

There's several modes available to help improve your aim;

  • Standard: Targets appear in 120 degrees in front of you, shoot them as quick as your can. This mode is great for general practice and flick shots.
  • Grid: Multiple targets appear in a tight grid. Great for practicing consistency in your aim.
  • Awareness: Targets appear all around your in 360 degrees. When they produce a constant sound, allowing you to quickly identify where they appeared. Great for practicing flick shots, as well as general awareness.
  • Strafing Targets: Targets move in a strafing pattern in a random direction and can change direction at any time. Good for practicing flick shots and tracking.

Each mode lasts 60 seconds.
Each mode can be further modified by activating 1 or more modifiers.

  • Small Targets: Targets are half the regular size.
  • Random Target Size: When hitting a target all other and new targets will change to a random size.
  • Sniper: You stand further away from the targets.
  • Healthy Target: Targets take 5 shots to destroy. Heroes who shoot more than 1 bullet still count as 1 per shot (Genji and Echo for example). Does not work in combination with Grid mode.

These modes and modifiers can be enabled with the button combination listed in-game. Modifiers can be toggled on and off, modes that as soon as you press the combination.

Works with Hitscan and Projectile heroes!

Some additional controls:

  • [Crouch] + [Interact] to go back to the menu screen while in a mode, instantly ending your current run.
  • [Crouch] + [Reload] + [Jump] to return to the hero selection screen.

I'm planning on adding more modes, modifiers, and possible heroes. At the moment no arcing projectile heroes are enabled, I hope to get them working in the near future.

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