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Participation Scoring System for FFA.

Simplified version of my Advanced Scoring System - https://workshop.elohell.gg/Yp8Ss6xd7

Kill Participation

Earning an Elimination will reward you for your kill participation.

Example: 54% participation = 0.54 points while 100% = 1 point

The system keeps track of the damage you deal to players in each slot.
Once you earn an elimination, you are awarded the damage dealt divided by their max health.
The tracked damage will reset after 5 seconds of not dealing damage to each specific player or after eliminating them.
You cannot earn more than 1 point per elimination.


This system ONLY works in FFA at the moment, as it's checking player slot 0-11 of all teams to keep track of player damage.

Changing the mode to anything else will break the system.

(If we ever get access to the fire value received from eliminations, I will be able to condense the system down to just a few rules.)

If you have Questions, Feedback or wish to report a bug.

Contact me on Discord: BuyBoomStick#3801

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