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Zombie Hunt is an Overwatch Workshop infection survival gamemode developed managed and updated by Blizzard user ZombieHunt#1601.

In Zombie Hunt, players play as suvivors who must do whatever they can to stay alive until the match time runs out. 20 seconds after match starts, random players will turn into alpha Reaper zombies whose only goal is to infect anyone and everyone they can lay their elbows on (with melee, obviously).

Defend yourself and your allies, run and hide to last as long as you can to try and win as a survivor; or if you're luckily infected, invite more to your family so everybody wins!

(Big thanks to Chewbacca#12731 for the awesome ideas contributed towards Genji's customization in this game!)

(Big thanks to FRANCISMABOI#1517, JohnThough#1603 and Stoic#12511 for helping to spot and fix a win condition loophole to this game!)

(Big thanks to Omitus#1328 for staying up all night, helping ruling out crash causes and making the game stable again!)

Character Specials


Ana's primary fire gives a temperory slow to zombies. Her Biotic Grenade applies a hacked status to zombies hit, making them unable to infect any survivors within its effective duration. Her Nano Boost gives herself a bonus 33% movement speed, and her melee is empowered during its effect, knocking zombies down and away.


Ashe has decent damage and knockback on both her hipfires and scoped shots. Her headshots stun harder than that of most other hunters, and her burning damage from Dynamite slows all zombies affected.


Baptiste's primary fire deals decent knockback against zombies. When holding secondary fire button, his primary fire becomes amplified, dealing extra damage and knock zombies away even harder, but at a cost of slowing himself down. His Immortality Field (which has a long cooldown time) saves himself from infection, and his Regenerative Burst also gives himself a temperory boost of speed, allowing him to break free from unfavorable situations.


Brigitte's primary attack applies a slow to zombies for each of her swings. Her Whip Shot knocks zombies down (resisted by Roadhog), and her Barrier Shield blocks upfront melee infections. Her ultimate ability, Rally, gives herself an unkillable status as long as she has any extra armor, making her a really tough target to take down.


D.Va has knockback on every part of her kit. She spawns in without mech, but gets Call Mech charged every other 20 seconds (5% per second). Her mech takes two hits for zombies to destroy, and she can hold ultimate button for 3 seconds to manually eject, should she wants to reset mech's health. Her Boosters knock zombies down, and not even Roadhog can resist this effect.


Doomfist can punch at a vertical angle with his Rocket Punch. When charged for over 80%, the wall impact from his Rocket Punch knocks zombies down for a long duration, allowing him to finish them safely. His Seismic Slam knocks zombies away instead of pulling them in, and his ultimate also knocks zombies down and away, should the zombies stayed close enough to the center of impact.


Genji's Shurikens have no other effect than slow against zombies. His deflect is a short parry, and his Swift Strike has two parts, first part is normal damage with no extra effect, but the second part (when Genji makes a booming sound and catches on fire) deals double damage, igniting zombies hit for 3 seconds, stunning them, knocking them towards his facing direction and resetting his double jump charge. Additionally, Genji can use his other attacks during the second part of his Swift Strike, which will also deal double damage against zombies. Genji takes 40 damage from each of zombies' melee attacks during the use of Dragonblade, and he gets a 33% ult charge refund whenever he scores a final blow in it, rewarding him for big blade plays.


Hanzo's arrows apply a brief but strong slow to zombies. His fully charged arrows stun zombies, regardless if it's a headshot or not. Hanzo also gets a burst of rapidly decaying movement speed for every normal arrow hit, or upon activating Storm Arrow. He is your Robin in the hood.


Lúcio's primary weapon does decent knockback. Instead of a boop, his Soundwave has been replaced with a stun. Whenever Lúcio hits a stunned zombie with his melee attack, he knocks them down and launches them away. He has limited Wall Ride that resets upon touching the ground. He is a decent fighter and can definitely save his teammates' skin.


McCree's Peacekeeper fires powerful rounds that keep zombies on their toes. Although lacking utility, his damage and knockback is strong enough to fend off, if not eliminate, one or two zombies of any type alone. His Deadeye has been improved so it does not need to fully lock its skulls onto the zombies to kill them. He is an efficient hunter.


Mei's primary fire has been replaced with icicles. Her icicles knock zombies away and briefly slow them, making them very hard to reach her as long as her aim is on point. She gets a 0.5 second invincibility after exiting Cryo-Freeze to prevent zombies' melee camping. Her meilee attacks freeze zombies, and her icicles knock frozen zombies down. Her ultimate, Blizzard, does not freeze zombies, instead it slows them down by 90%. Well, she meilees, what more do you want?


Mercy starts with an immunity shield that can save her from infection once, indicated by her Resurrect availability. She does not have Valkyrie, instead she replenishes her immunity shield when her ultimate charge reaches full when the shield is down. Mercy's Caduceus Staff deals massive damage upon meleeing with it, stunning zombies hit and knocking them away for a great distance. Her Guardian Angel has been replaced with a back hop, which has a 3.33 seconds cooldown and can create a decent gap between her and zombies. She is a great bruiser.


In order to better exterminate those resilient zombies, Pharah has changed her ammunition type to heavy armor penetrating rockets. They are powerful enough to knock zombies down and away for each direct impact (resisted by Roadhog), but as a trade off, they're weighing Pharah down, making her jet pack a lot less efficient.

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