TielJ - an Overwatch DJ

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

This is still a work in progress, I'd like to have a full list of bugs before I take any further step (also I have no means of improving it at the moment).

Think of TielJ like one of those discord music bots, except it can't take requests.

The reason there's no workshop code is that this has been done via ItsDeltin's workshop script tool. In order to get a working code you have to run the my code through their compiler.

To summarize, you need to set up the workshop code, run the backend with the url and let it do it's thing.
You have two options on how TielJ communicates with the game.

  1. Binary input via left-right clicks

    This method is relatively slow compared to the second method but more reliable.

  2. Mouse input

    For this method you need to have maximum sensitivity of 7.2, anything above it is not supported. This method is less reliable.

After backend submits the initial details of the url it has been given, game will request to provide recommended track details (3 to be specific). Backend will input three entries of recommended tab and then you can enjoy the game before the next input process.

After recommended section is submitted players on the server can vote for the next track. Instructions are provided via in-game HUD texts.

More details on https://www.github.com/LollerMann/TielJ

PS: I only provide source. You need to compile the backend too.

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Version: 0.1

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