Unfair's World Tour: Hanamura Patrol


You have been invited to Unfair's World Tour, but this is a bad time to do a tour... Because there is a super overpowered and "completely natural" (according to my book of lies) zombie virus to destroy everything! Can you save the world of Shadows?

Unfair's World Tour: Hanamura Patrol

Coming Soon! (In 2021)

Sorry, The Seeker ate the description.

Lijiang Tower Hide & Seek (Legendary) - Coming soon! (In 2021)

Lijiang Tower Tour: D.VA, Mei, Ana, Baptiste, Bastion

Warning! Shadow Runs will always be on Hell difficulty or Burning Hell.
About Shadow Runs: These Shadow Runs will give you more than 4000 points if you escape. These game modes are optional if you're doing the World Tour in order.

Categories | PvE
Heroes | Genji, McCree, Reaper, Moira
Maps | Hanamura
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 0.1

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