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  • This is a mode that proposes changes to the SVB patch for heroes that currently had either only nerfs or no changes at all.
  • This is a standalone proof of concept. Changes that are intended to be kept from the primary SVB patch aren't implemented, but the new changes are.
  • Patch notes are reduced to only heroes with new changes, and dev notes help explain my ideas.


  • All respawn timers have been reduced to 80%. In most scenarios this will mean it has been reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. Overtime respawn timers are also affected.


Role Passive: 30% knockback reduction and 25% less ult charge granted for damage by enemies

Wrecking Ball
Hopefully, a larger hamster ball is a less frustrating hamster ball. These changes also give Wrecking Ball a fun reward that helps offset this size change.
  • Hitbox size is increased by 25% while in ball form.
Grappling Hook
  • Hitting 3 enemies in a row provides 150 temporary shields.
  • Shields from this source cannot exceed 300.


Role Passive: 15% movement speed increase for all heroes

These nerfs are fair, so we kept them. However, we also added a fun replacement to her Dynamite ability. This replacement should be more interactive than a simple burning effect.
  • Removed, replaced with Explosive Rounds
  • Explosive Rounds last 5 seconds, with a 15 second cooldown. For 10 seconds downtime.
  • While Explosive Rounds is active, damage is increased by 25%.
  • Half of the damage from your scoped and unscoped shots are then turned into explosive damage (explosive damage cannot headshot).
  • The range of this damage 4m, but is reduced to 2.75m for unscoped shots.
  • This damage falls off from a small max damage radius in the center to zero at the edges.
Coach Gun
  • Knockback reduced (maximum 7m)
  • No longer gains ult charge when B.O.B is active
This is objectively not an attempt at balance, but it's a fun change that can spark additional ideas.
Ultimate Replaced: Shoulder-Mounted Turret
  • Ultimate removed.
  • Reworked ultimate is now a sentry form that attaches to the target ally's shoulders.
  • After a 1.5 second cast time, gain 8 seconds of shoulder-mounted sentry form.
  • For the duration, bastion gains 50 temporary armor.
  • This is a channelled ultimate, meaning it will be cancelled by any form of CC on the bastion.
  • It can be cancelled by killing either the Bastion, or his mounted ally.
  • It can also be cancelled manually by the Bastion by switching out of sentry mode.
The previous echo nerfs were boring. We made the bomb nerf more interesting (and a very slight buff if wielded perfectly). We also changed some functionality of Duplicate.
Sticky Bombs
  • Now fires 10 instead of 6 bombs
  • Sticky bombs total damage from 30 each to 20
  • Ultimate generation rate from 6.5 to 6
  • Nothing lingers at all when duplicate ends
These are essentially three nerfs to McCree, so while we are keeping them, we are also giving him a fun movement/positioning tool in his combat roll.
  • Health reduced from 225 to 200
Combat Roll:
  • Pressing Jump during the combat roll will give you a sizeable upward leap, allowing you to cross gaps and reach otherwise unreachable high-ground.
Fan The Hammer
  • Fan the Hammer damage per bullet reduced from [25 - 50] to [15 - 35]
  • Flashbang replaced by Lasso. Holds target in position for 1 second instead of stunning (works like Junkrat Trap)
In comparison to Echo, Pharah comes up short in many ways. This should make her mobility options more fun and engaging. Concussive blast still has some environmental kill potential, but it also has some utility. The slow can make a shot much easier for Pharah or her allies. Decaying slows also feel much better for the player affected by them than regular slows.
Hover Jets:
  • Recharge rate increased from 35 to 40.
Jump Jet:
  • Now can be used in any direction. With no movement input, it acts the same as before.
  • Cooldown from 10 to 8.
Concussive Blast:
  • Knockback reduced by 40%.
  • Has a slightly stronger knock up as well.
  • Now applies a 1.75 second decaying slow.
  • Cooldown increased from 9 to 10.
Wraith Form was too simple and easy of an escape in the Shadow Step/Wraith Form combo. This should make it more fun while reducing total distance travelled and time invulnerable. Shadow Step has no frames of vulnerability on live, this should provide a window of counterplay, while still feeling good for the Reaper.
Wraith Form
  • Duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds
  • Now grants free flight
Shadow Step
  • Attacks are now disabled for 0.75 seconds upon exiting shadow step
What torb really needs is for hammer to be viable.
Forge Hammer:
  • Move speed increased by 15% while in use.
  • Successful hits provide 25 temporary armor, up to a max of 150.
Standardizing dps movespeed. This buff gives a moderate mobility/positioning boost to compensate for this standardization.
  • Increased movement speed passive removed to match speed of all other DPS heroes
  • Holding jump during a Blink gives you a slightly stronger jump at the end, even if you were already in the air.
These nerfs were a bit much. The time in between scoped shots was a full reload time of 1.5 seconds. This should improve that, and now, minimum charge shots should have some power now that it takes so much time to set up in between shots.
Widow's Kiss
  • Is now a bolt-action rifle. Can only shoot one shot before needing to unscope. 1.2 second cooldown before she can scope again
  • Damage now starts at half (60) at 0% charge, and ramps up to full (120) with full charge.


Role Passive: Regenerates health at 10 HP/S after 2 seconds of not taking damage

Ana no longer needs such a huge burst self-heal with the new support role passive. So, now we're giving nade some fun positioning/escape power. The sleep change is intended to soften the skill curve of Ana, making missed sleeps less punishing for the Ana player.
Biotic Grenade:
  • Self heal from 100 to 50.
  • Now applies a knockup when used on self.
Sleep Dart:
  • Cooldown now starts at 8 seconds, and freezes while a target is sleeping.
Kept regen burst self-heal reduction, reworked Immortality changes, and shifted him more away from damage and toward healing. The previous immortality changes didn't feel great, this should be a more fun way of accomplishing the same thing in certain scenarios. Now, the delay essentially scales with the toss distance, so saving people far away is more difficult, but saving yourself and nearby allies is still near-instant.
Primary Fire:
  • Damage per shot from 24 to 20.
Secondary Fire:
  • Direct hits apply a 15 heal per second for 3 seconds.
Regenerative Burst
  • Regenerative burst self-healing nerfed: 15 per second (self), 75 overall
  • Cooldown from 13 to 10.
Immortatility Field
  • Projectile Speed from 60m/s to 18m/s
  • Projectile Gravity has been altered to match the original arc. (Secondary fire still has the exact same arc, just faster)
With overwatch 2 reducing CC, we were thinking of how bash's stun could be removed, and its power distributed to other places. Also, this is a way to reincorporate Brigitte's theme of armor in the repair pack, without being overpowered.
Shield Bash:
  • Damage from 5 to 45.
  • Stun duration from 0.75 to "Interrupt" (no duration, just stops abilities)
  • Now knocks hit enemy back about 5 meters.
  • Range from 6.85 to 10.0
Repair Pack:
  • Now provides an instant 25 armor to the target.
  • Armor lasts the duration of the ability (2s).
  • Refreshing the ability duration with a stacking cast does not reapply the armor.
This is a tool that Moira, a natural risk-taker, can use in a pinch when her resources are low. Since she'll be healing smaller, more spread out targets, resources are bound to be low more often.
Biotic Grasp: Primary Fire
  • When the resource meter is empty, Moira may continue to heal at about 75% efficiency in exchange for taking 25 damage per second.
  • Moira's health cannot drop below 50 this way.
  • Self damage, as usual, does not count towards ult charge when healed.
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