OverShop 2 Advanced Upgrade Game

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OverShop 2

A complete rework of f to upgrade that has all HUD text always show up, and has many more new shop items. Overshop works on a HUD based shop, which means you will have to find a blue circle around the map to upgrade, rather than hold "f"

Game play

Each player spawns in with 1000 player money, and normal stats across the board.
Players can "Upgrade" by going to a shop and buying items i.e. damage.
Players can get money by selling ores that will spawn in specific areas of the map. players can also earn money by killing other players. the amount of money eared is 500 × the player level of the victim.

Upgrade Shop

There are 3 upgrade shops located around a given map, these shops are represented
by blue rings and blue text that says "upgrade shop". When in the blue ring, players will
have access to the Shop, which will appear as HUD text at the top right of a player's screen.

Upgrade Shop Items

  • Damage
  • [New] Additional damage
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Regeneration
  • Projectile speed (when upgraded to 1000, projectile's like genji's shurikens will be fully automatic, as in, it would no longer come out in a burst of 3, but keep shooting untill out of ammo)
  • [New] Auto reload ammo (when a player gets to 1 ammo left, their ammo will be automaticly refilled)
  • Fire ammo (a player whom is damaged by a player with fire ammo will start burning and take damage over time based on the attacker's damage)
  • [New] The best defence (player's dealing damage with their abilitys will gain temporary shield health)
  • [New] Armor generator (players that have this will passivly gain temporary armor health)

Crystals / Topas

Crystals and topas are ores that can be sold for money.

These ores will appear as spheres that can be a veriaty of colors

Crystals Topas
Purple Yellow
Turquoise Orange
Violet Gray (castillo only)

Crystals and topas can be collected by puching them (heroes with a melee)
and by swinging a hammer/ flail at them (heroes without a melee)

ores can be sold in the shop on the 2nd shop page.

Player level and outline color

Outline color cannot be chosen
Outline color is determined by a player's player level

Level Color
5 White
10 lime green
15 Green
20 Sky Blue
25 blue
30 purple
35 violet
40 Orange
45 Yellow
48 Black
>=50 Color changing

Switch player HUD

Players will default to HUD text that showes all player stats, but players can choose to switch to HUD that takes up less space

Support for all maps

Choose your favortie map! all maps are supported (even workshop maps)

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Heroes: All
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Version: 2.0

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