Killing Floor 1 but it's bad

Killing Floor

This Gamemode is based off of the 2009 game Killing Floor 1.

Killing floor is a game where you kill Enemies called Zeds, in the first game normally there are 9 zed types + 1 boss, you need to kill a number of Zeds in order to progress to the trader stage at which you buy weapons and armour, and you do that again and again until the final round where you fight The Patriarch.

The Patriarch is a boss..(I am too lazy to write more)




Grab - Roots a target player and forces them to look at the Clot


Deflect - Blocks damage but does not deal damage back


Leap - leaps at a nearby player dealing damage, the Crawler can melee while leaping making it dangerous even if a player is up hill


Puke - when activated, the bloat will damage nearby Players dealing damage overtime


Flame Cannon - when activated the Husk shoots a rocket which deals on hit damage + fire damage (Has a visual warning)


Faulty Invis - goes in and out of invis every 0.5 seconds - 1.5 seconds


Sonic Scream - once activated, all players 8 metres around the Siren (regardless of los) will take damage while they stay around her


Enrage - the scrake starts off calm and slow but once the scrake is at 50% health or lower he will be sent into a fit of rage moving at an increased speed and having all damage recieved reduced by 20%


Enrage Meter - the Fleshpound will enrage over ~12 seconds but will become increasingly enraged when attacked regardless of damage done.

Once enraged the Fleshpound becomes faster and gains reduced damage taken until his enrage meter is depleted (~13 seconds after enrage initiates)

Extra Info

Most stats of Zeds are increased as the round number increases

Enrage is visually shown by a nano boost effect

There are 4 difficulties
Normal, Hard, Suicidal & Hell on Earth


The Patriarch

Rocket - the Patriarch will fire soldiers basic rocket ability much like how the Husk fires their rockets, there will be a visual warning as well as a big message warning which says "One in the pipe!" which is a reference to a classic line of the Patriarch from killing floor.

Additionally when the rocket hits a player they will burn and be damaged for 30% of their health over 5s, while they burn, their healing received is reduced by 50%

Heal - Not Implemented

Player Classes

- Berserker -
Can't be Grabbed
Immune to bloat puke
Take 25% less damage from all sources
+20% Movement Speed
+12% Base Damage

- Commando - has upgrade revamp
Disables invis of stalkers around you
+25% Base Health
Shift is always sprint

- Field Medic -
Healing Syringe (ult) does more healing
+10% Base Healing
+50% Base Health
Your Weapons are Toxic

- Sharpshooter -
Headshots deal +25% damage
Headshots give +2 ammo
Headshot Kills gain +5 dosh
Your Headshots give you temporary damage
+15% Base Health

- Demolistionist -
Deal Increased damage to High Value Zeds
Zeds killed by you explode (stronger zeds deal more damage)
+100 Base Armour
On Death you let off a large explosion that deals 3000 damage

- Firebug -
Damaging zeds burns them
Burning zeds spread flame every 2 seconds
Immunity to husk burn
Patriarch burn does 50% less damage
+100 armour

Known Issues

  • Pathfinding (especially on Havana) is a bit buggy, sometimes enemies will walk back and forth in place. some areas the ai thinks it can't reach but can.

  • Clot grab autoaim aims above the clots head on bigger characters (for most characters this isn't a problem)


Creator - TheCrazyPain
Pathfinding mod used - https://workshop.codes/QRD5A

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Survival, PvE
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, and 24 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: v0.9


Activates The Healing Syringe when your charge is at 100
Buy From the Trader
Crouch + Reload
Buy x3 stats
Activates The Healing Syringe when your charge is at 100
Buy From the Trader
Buy x3 stats
Activates The Healing Syringe when your charge is at 100
Buy From the Trader
Buy x3 stats
Activates The Healing Syringe when your charge is at 100
Buy From the Trader
Buy x3 stats
Activates The Healing Syringe when your charge is at 100
Buy From the Trader
Buy x3 stats



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