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Climb through the mountains!

  • How To Play
  1. Use your abilities to get through the map and reach the purple vortex that has an arrow indicating where to go.
  2. Touch it to get to the next hero and repeat until the ending.
  3. Each hero gets harder with its own way of having to make it through the ending.
  • Important Info

,, are the only characters who have a bounce pad that is usable near the purple vortex to make the jump easier for them (practically impossible unless you just are very good, GOOD, GOOD at this game).

  • Credits

Next Hero Mechcanic from Overwatch

Idea from a game I played a while back (I don't remember the name •-•)

  • Note

Thx yall of the support I gained recently :D

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Roadhog, Winston, Wrecking Ball, and 10 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4

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