Slender Watch (Slenderman Remake) (Read For Gameplay and Details!)

My English is Bad,

Welcome to Slender Watch (In development)
All Bugs Fixed, Don't Worry! (Video is old, and buggy code used)

Slender Watch based on Slenderman: The Eight Pages game, Roam around and collect pages if you collect one page Slenderman (Reaper) comes and follows you, if you escape from the Slenderman, the Slenderman will not be in the last seen area. Rake (Junkrat) is fast and you are normally walking if Rake sees you Rake tries the hunt you Rake is faster than your walk speed you must run for escape use Shift (Ability 1) for run, if run meter is %0 you are can't run. You are can play this mode with bots. Gamemode controls the afk players (bot plays for afk player) use F (Interact) for exit the afk mode Escape (Blue ball) and Page (Yellow Ball) Positions is always randomized, starting heroes is randomized for fair & realistic play. Genji & Hanzo can't climb to walls, Mercy can't fly.

Add me | EfeDursun125#2815 | for helping, bug report, gamemode play test, etc.

Currenly this gamemode only for Blizzard World Winter
In other maps, Slender Watch is not works

Here is video!

Have Fun!

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