Wingman/Battle Royale Duos


Wingman is a elimination style gamemode that has four teams of two each competing against eachother to be the last team standing.


There are four teams, Blue, Red, Green and yellow, and you and your wingman are the exact same hero, randomly picked at the start by the game.


After every player is dead, the round ends, and the game reselects heroes for each team. If the time runs out, all players will be revealed through walls.


You and your teammates get a point for each kill, and your team gets one point at the end of each round for every teammate alive. The first team to 20 points wins, although you have to win the round or else the victory will not count.

****Healing and friendly damage

Although you cannot heal your wingman, health kits around the map respawn much faster than normal. Teammates cannot damage eachother (except from turrets), but can still knock eachother around. If you kill your wingman, you will die and your wingman will respawn, so don't try to knock your wingman off the map!


There are four spawn locations on each map, and spawns rotate every round. You will always spawn with your wingman.


While testing, the tanks seemed to be very strong compared to everyone else, so all tanks have lower health than normal. Mercy also felt very underwhelming, so she has fifty extra health and slightly more damage.

****Created by AirLight1646 (Xbox)


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