Random RPG

These settings exacerbates the randomness in Overwatch. Whetever it's for the laughs or frustartion.

Primary mechanics:

Duo Heroes: Press INTERACT to reserve a second hero. Original code by BluJay: https://workshop.codes/5KSKH

Get kills to get stronger: Stats increase as you get a kill, get damaged or heal. Original code by u/Spasco

Random Cooldowns, Ult Charge and Ammo: Cooldowns, Ult Charge and Ammo randomizes after being used; overall ult charge nerfed by 50% to compensate, cooldowns also increased by 100% to compensate for duo heroes and ammo can beyond up to double of max ammo. When on fire, more reduced cooldown time, ult charge always goes from 50% to 100% and ammo can triple from max ammo, however your max health will decrease by around 67.5% (200 to 75).

Health pack bonus: Whenever a health pack heals you, you can get a additional bonus. Such as more damage, health, armour, shields, ammo, ult charge, jump, gravity (more or less), inviciabity, immortality, or phased out. Press and hold reload to recieve a slight ammount of damage so you can use a health pack. Cooldown time can be adjusted in workshop settings.

Secondary Mechaincs:

3rd-Person Cam: Press and hold Melee to activate the camera. It will target exactly where you are aiming at. Original code maker is unknown.

Server Load Optimizer: This is used to help make sure the lobby doesn't crash due to excessive server load. It will put all workshop functions on a hold queue until the averge server load goes down to the specifed percentage (put at 225% by default). Once the load goes below what it has been specifed, all functions will resume in the order of the time they orginally activated. If it pauses too long, this may crash the lobby anyway. You can adjust it in workshop settings.

Please let me know what you think and if there are any bugs to report. More updates to the code may come at anytime. :)

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.1

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