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Welcome to Tag!

What is Tag?
First of all if you don't know how to play tag you shouldn't be here. Anyway the rules are simple. If you're on fire try to hit other people either by punching them or using your abilities. If you're not on fire run away from the people who are on fire. Game ends when only 1 person in the entire deathmatch is still standing.

I added a cool little gimmick in the game so that it literally isn't just tag, Parrying!

Parrying is activated with the interact key (F).

When you parry you will be frozen for half a second, if you are hit by an enemy attack they will be knocked for for around 5 seconds. Parrying will NOT make you immune to being tagged but you get to tag the person right back and watch them suffer the most painful seconds of their life.

This gamemode is EXTREMELY new so please give me feedback regarding bugs or things you want to see in-game. Every bit helps!

Have fun torturing your friends!
From, CrimsonRend

Code Snippet


Update Log

All updates will be posted in this google doc, this is to save space and not have the scroll bar be a single pixel on the screen.


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