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Welcome to Upgrading Simulator!
Here, you need to upgrade your stats to become stronger!
Speed, DMG, Jump Height, Health and Other!
Else of Main Shop you have another one - X-Shop! Here you can buy some thingies that will make gameplay more funny! P.S. You need 1 OW-Token to Unlock this Shop. You can get Tokens by killing your enemies!
In Main Shop, you can buy powerful things, that called "Powers". Dragon Power will allow you to burn enemies! Psychic Power will allow you to hack & knock down your enemies while using ult! And Rage Power will allow you to become berserker at low health and destroy everyone!
When you bought a Power, you can Rebirth! Rebirth - Is increasing all your coins earning ways! But, you will become a standard, weak hero.

Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: upgrade rpg
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 24 more...
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Version: 2020EpidemicEdition

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