Score Shop (Chill / Kill)


A Chill / Kill Mode with a Currency

  • Your Score is money in this mode. Kill players, collect Orbs, or just hang out to earn it
  • Spend Score at the shop to upgrade your hero and mix up your gameplay experience
  • Gift Score to other players using the shortcut mentioned on the screen

Supports a variety of features

  • Chill mode renders you and other players harmless to each other, so you can relax whenever you want
  • Adjust shop prices and initial player scores to your liking in the Workshop Settings panel
  • Swap heroes anytime you want using the shortcut mentioned on the screen
  • Explore outside map boundaries using shop items like Noclip and Flight
  • Third person camera can be toggled on at any time

Build your hero however you want

  • Want to be a glass cannon? Go all-in on damage upgrades and one-shot the competition
  • Want to be immortal? Stack your HP and regeneration and become unstoppable
  • Want to run circles around your enemies? Move speed upgrades got you covered
  • Whether you want to play serious or just mess around, there's something for everyone


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