crazydude's chill mode


crazydude's chill mode

A 2020 version of those chill modes
More features coming 'much later' (I don't have an incentive to work on this mode since it appears to be a lost cause due to the popularity of the other modes)

  • No copy pasted stuff from other peoples modes (some code may be similar cause it's the best way to do it
  • Minimal hud containing no title text, just header text
  • Carry people (can be disabled)
  • Resize yourself (can be disabled)
  • Moderator role doesn't have an overly large number of stupid options
  • Flight toggle
  • Teleport toggle
  • Help menu which shows all relevant controls to moderators and admins
  • Adjustable workshop settings making it easier for the host to change settings
  • Moderator grab if it's needed
  • Status changes for moderators to toggle onto others

Give it a try and if you don't like it you're welcome to go back to alolamode or nohealsmode or potsumode or whatever.


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Update Log (5)

  • removed broken code
  • removed broken visual objects (world icons and hud text)
  • patched up the help menu for moderators
  • {I'm still working on the 'others resize' for moderators please forgive me I'm bad at this}
  • reduced the interval in a lot of the looping functions
  • removed a few of the looping functions in exhange for array based constants (I just learn't this how did I not know this (maybe because I don't have a degree in coding (yet)))
  • added server load information (all players)
  • made it so restart reasons appear at the moment of a crash (e.g. owner teleported too fast, moderator changed player mode of others)
  • reduced server load (because of loops being replaced with arrays)
  • modified safe zone to have sparkles (due to a friends suggestions who wouldn't stop telling me to)
  • yeah thats about it, first update in a long fuckin while huh, sorry but I just don't see a point in regularly developing this mode because everyone still uses alolas version from 01/06/2020 which still exceeds my mode significantly, eventually I will probably just make my own mode have his features but I don't want to copy paste them (because his mode has them big text boxes and it has that 'switching a players team causes a crash' which I wanna avoid). Anyway thanks to the like 2 people I saw using this mode despite its terribleness and goodluck to... everyone.

Added A Status Mode For Moderators To Enable Or Disable

  • Teleporting
  • Flight
  • Grabbing
  • Freeze
  • Sleep
  • Hack Added Help For This In The Help Menu Added Disabling Toggle Of Teleporting And Flight For Non Mods
  1. Added Mod Help Menu For Possibly Confusing Controls
  2. Added Aborts To Mode Changes If Is In Safe Zone
  3. Added Personal Indicators For Mods
  4. Added Default Size Of Safe Zone To Workshop Settings
  5. Screwed Up Mod Resize And Grab (Again)
  6. Added Instant Switch (Must Not Be In Fighting Mode (A 6 Second Variable You Obtain After Attacking Someone In Normal Mode))
  7. Set Grab To Be Enabled By Default
  8. Made It So Passive Healers Get Frozen For 3 Seconds If Healing Someone Who Is in Fighting Mode
  9. Added The Fighting Check
  10. Added Switch Hero Info To Help Menu
  11. Fixed An Issues Causing The Help Menus To Not Close (And Open Twice Or More Times)
  12. Fixed Ordering Of Help Menu Text
  13. Fixed The Buggy Mod Help Menu
  14. Added Moderator Grab That Players Can't Escape From
  15. Made It So Fighters Can't Teleport
  16. Made It So Fighters Can't Change Their Mode
  17. Started Work On A Status Mode For Mods (I Got Bored And Stopped)
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