Overwatch: Redefined (OLD)

This gamemode strives to turn every current hero into something completely different even including hero lore, name, and even sometimes size/health pools.

This takes a considerable ammount of time and every hero will be released one at a time.

To the heroes...

O:R BETA Update 1 | Tulip Hero Release


Natural Support

Base Hero: Moira


Country of Origin: New Zealand

Name: Amelia Jones

New Zealand was lucky in the circumstances of the Omnic Crisis. They weren't hit hard if at all and only suffered from mainland connections to Australia. Amelia Jones was given her nickname, Tulip, due to her absurd love of plants and wildlife. Tulip realised that using a little bit of science, nature, and tinkering, someone could harness the power of nature to aid themselves. Tulip managed to create the perfect experiment to help her help their neighbouring country of Australia. Tulip did not predict the outcome of the experiment and was too eager to even think about it and as a result, cursed herself with powers of the earth. The earth tried to fix the issue of a non-flora biological unit controlling itself nearly killing her in the process. If it wasn't for Agent Dominic, Tulip would neither be alive nor recruited into Overwatch.


Primary Fire: Branching Vine
Release a vine out towards a single enemy dealing medium damage, slightly healing Tulip.

Ability 1: Redistribution
Creates a thin shield of vines which absorbs and converts some damage received into a healing substance for team members nearby.

Cooldown: 19s
Effective Cooldown: 15s
Ability Duration: 4s
Damage Reduction: 25%
Healing %: 33% of damage taken (Taking DMG reduction into account)

Ability 2: Entangle
Call a vine from the ground, forcing an enemy into the ground and dealing heavy-medium damage and slowing enemies down.

Cooldown: 11.25s
Effective Cooldown: 10s
CC Duration: 1s

Ultimate: Mother's Leech
Call the power of nature to aid in fight, targeting and heavily damaging enemies to support nearby team mates with healing.

Enemy Line: Nature is Beautiful
Team Line: Giving Nature Her Sustenance

Cast Delay: 2s
Duration: 2s (0.15s per enemy in line of sight | rounded up)

O:R BETA Update 2 | Riku Hero Release


Stealthy Assassin

Base Hero: Genji


Country of Origin: Japan

Name: Riku Suzuki

Unlike many other countries, Japan wasn't hit hard by the Omnic Crisis due to preventative measures run by the Suzuki Government. During Riku's time in Japan, he served for the Japanese Anti-Offensive Military Group which defended their country rather than attacking others. Riku was banished out of the family business after locating and assassinating a group of the illegal Grumbers who moved to Japan after commiting many international crimes in many other countries. Agent Tulip discovered Riku hiding from the remaining members of the Grumbers in the back alleyways of America.


Primary Fire: Detonate Kunai
Throws a single projectile which deals impact and small AOE damage to target's within radius. Must hit enemy to detonate.

Ability 1: Timed Bombs
Power up and throw stronger Kunais in front dealing damage to every enemy hit and charging before creating a small explosion.

Cooldown: 8s
Prime Duration: 1s

Ability 2: Venom Gas
Throw a quick charge venom bomb in front dealing poison damage to enemies close-by in front of you.

Cooldown: 10s
Effective Cooldown: 6s
Duration: 4s

Ultimate: Kunai Storm
Unsheath a cone of shurikens which deal mass damage the closer enemies are.

Enemy Line: Jama shinaide (Don't get in the way)
Team Line: Raining Kunais

Duration: 4s
Prime Duration: 0.75s

O:R BETA Update 3 | Jagter Hero Release



Wild Hunter

Base Hero: Hanzo


Country of Origin: South Africa

Name: Jax Hughes

Jax Hughes was known as the best tracker and one of the best South African hunters only second to the Prime Minister at the time. At the age of 19, Jax Hughes was given the nickname Jagter by close friends and decided to keep it after they died during the Omnic Crisis. South Africa was heavily affected by the first Omnic Crisis but held out on the second wave. Jagter fought side-by-side with some of his military colleagues before they were killed in a deadly reactor explosion due to bombing from the SAMAC (South African Military Air Corps) and vowed he wouldn't let them down. Due to his multiple self-sacrifices to save other colleagues, Jagter suffered major leg injuries and was admitted to an Overwatch medical facility before being given prosthetic cyber-legs, and a job oppurtunity with the people who saved his life.


Primary Fire: Hunting Bow
A hunting bow primarily used for the South African wilderness.

Ability 1: Local Survey
Scan around, marking close enemies allowing you to see them through walls.

Cooldown: 18s
Effective Cooldown: 14s
Duration: 4s

Ability 2: Fire-Tipped
Gain three fire tipped, no-charge arrows which fire in quick succession or stored over some time.

Cooldown: 10s
Effect Duration: 2s
Max Active Time: 5s

Ultimate: The Hunt
Gain a speed and damage boost for a short amount of time as well as locating every enemy.

Enemy Line: Die Jag Begin (The Hunt Begins)
Team Line: Hunting The Enemies

Duration: 8s
DMG Boost: 100%
SPD Boost: 40%

O:R BETA Update 4 | Agent Dominic and Hero Changes

New Hero: Agent Dominic

Head of Operations

Base Hero: Soldier:76

#### Origin

Country of Origin: America

Name: Samuel Dominic

Agent Dominic was a former American Military Sergeant who trained and fought for over 27 years. Dominic had fought in every war since he joined and knows almost all enemy military tactics off by heart. Up until the Omnic Crisis. Agent Dominic was drafted to fight for the American Military against the Omnics. Dominic was completely unprepared and was nearly killed but presumed dead in battle. Agent Dominic knew that an average military wouldn't stand a chance against these robotic fiends, so he created a team of enhanced individuals from all over the world to fight against the Omnics and global threats. Thanks to Samuel Dominic, the world had a chance.


Primary Fire: Burst-Assault Rifle
A burst rifle which shoots 4 shots in quick succession each dealing medium damage.

Ammo: 24 Shots, 6 Max burst
Damage: 22 Body, 44 Head
Spread Angle: Pinpoint
Fire Rate: 4 shots every 0.45 seconds

Secondary Fire: Heavy Burst
The burst rifle shoots 3 heavy shots in medium succession each dealing high-medium damage.
Ammo: 24 shots, 2 per bullet, 4 Max Burst
Damage: +30% Primary Fire

Ability 1: Sprint
Run to move forward faster.

Ability 2: Restoration
Heal a portion of missing health over time.

Health Recovered: 50% of missing health
Duration: 4s
Cooldown: 14s
Effective Cooldown: 10s

Ultimate: Targeted Offense
Target an enemy player, revealing, slowing, and weakening them for a short duration.

Enemy Line: You're Dead!!!
Team Line: Targetting (Target Hero)

Duration: 8s
DMG Taken: +25%
DMG Dealt: -25%
Move Speed: -20%


Mother's Leech changed to One With Nature

Now gives effected players 50 health on activation.
Healing % increased to 66% from 33%

One With Nature

Become a totem of restoration, gaining armour and healing all team mates within a large radius. Line Of Sight not required.

Duration: 5s
Healing Dealt: 125 every 0.5s
Range: 20m


Local Survey
No longer detects dead players allowing you to see them when they respawn.
Range reduced to 20m from 40m

O:R Final BETA Release | Telle Hero Release

New Hero: Telle

Teleportation Technician

Base Hero: Symmetra


Country of Origin: Scotland

Name: Ava Wilson

From a young age, Ava Wilson aspired to be a great scientist. All her life she worked on ways to improve all different areas of being, including agriculture, lifespan, and weather. By University graduation, she had almost perfect scores in every subject and never failed to dissapoint in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Every single industry wanted her but Ava only ever worked for herself. She created Wilson Labs which was a small company which was dedicated to helping new scientists around the globe. Wilson Labs was the first company to create non-matter transfer teleportation. This did not go unnoticed. Everyone was after the teleportation technology but Wilson Labs would not give in easily. Due to the high amount of teleportation use inside Wilson Labs, it attracted the first Omnics which eventually lead to the First Scotland Omnic Crisis. Wilson Labs was destroyed and the Omnics were not done. Ava developed a wristbound teleportation device, allowing her to get the advantage and every angle on the Omnics fighting Wilson Labs. Her actions did not go unnoticed by Overwatch...


Primary Fire: Matter Condenser
A device which condences matter into small balls of pure energy.

Damage: 6-15 (including AOE)
Rate of Fire: 1 shot every 0.15s
Ammo: 70 ammo, 35 shots, 2 ammo per shot

Secondary Fire: Mass Energy
Create larger balls of energy.

Damage: 21-126 (including AOE)
Ammo: 70 ammo, Min. 7 shots, Max. 10 ammo per shot

Ability 1: Relocate
Teleport yourself a short distance in facing direction.

Max. Charges: 3
Cooldown per Charge: 15s
Distance: 10m

Ability 2: Teleport
Teleport an enemy in front of yourself. Line of sight must be maintained before teleporting.

Cooldown: 18s
Effective Cooldown: 16s
Max. Range: 35m

Ultimate: Reposition
Teleport enemies within a small radius to a location designated by yourself.

Enemy Line: Get OUT!!!
Team Line: Removing the Enemies

Type: Channel
Radius of Effect: 7m
Position: 15m from Telle's facing direction.
Prime Delay: 4s

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