Overall Damage increased by 15%

Developer Comments

Doomfist is in a very weak state right now and increasing his damage overall would help a lot by not completely changing the hero.

Junker Queen

Adrenaline Rush
Healing increased by 25%

Developer Comments

Junker Queen’s survivability is very low especially for a very close range tank. These changes will make her able to survive for longer.


Armor increased from 275 - 300

Developer Comments

Orisa has been very weak as of recent and this should bring back a little bit of her former glory.


Minimum Duration decreased from 3 - 2.4 seconds
Maximum Duration decreased from 20 - 16

Developer Comments

Ramattra is in a fairly balanced state right now besides his ultimate. These changes will still make his ultimate powerful but not too overpowered.


Fire Strike
Cooldown increased from 6 - 7

Developer Comments
Reinhardt is a very close range hero and his health makes up for that. The increase of the Fire Strike cooldown shall make up for the amount of damage of Fire Strike.

Wrecking Ball

Grappling Claw
Cooldown reduced from 5 - 3 seconds

Developer Comments

This allows Wrecking Ball to be able to move around more and also more easily get into scouting positions.



Generation increased by 25%

Developer Comments

Echo's ultimate is mostly used to win duels, rarely has high value, and is very easily counterable. This change makes it so Echo is able to make more plays with her ultimate ability.


Damage increased from 27 - 29
Ammo increased from 24 - 30

Developer Comments

Ever since the Genji nerfs in Season 1 as well as the Damage Role Passive nerf, Genji has been in a very weak state. These buffs bring back some of his power but not bringing him back to the overpowered state that he was in before.


Cooldown increased from 12 - 15

Developer Comments

Mei’s survivability is very annoying to deal with as she has a large health pool for a dps and an ability that's able to cleanse and heal her. The increase of cooldown on said ability should help the annoyance of this hero.


Max health decreased from 200 - 150
Max armor increased from 0 - 50

Developer Comments

Depending on the fact if she has a Mercy pocket or not, Pharah is either very weak or very strong. These changes make it so Pharah has more survivability without a Mercy, but doesnt make her overpowered with one.


Secondary Fire damage increased from 125 - 96 at maximum charge

Railgun secondary fire damage increased from 125 - 144

Developer Comments

Sojourn's railgun is still very oppressive and her secondary fire can still one shot with a Mercy pocket. These changes fix the one shot problem while also providing her more damage during her ultimate.

Soldier: 76

Helix Rockets
Damage reduced from 120 - 100


Health reduced from 200 - 175

Machine Pistol
Damage increased from 7.5 - 8.5

Developer Comments

Sombra is in a bit of a strong state right now and this should bring her down while keeping her as a viable pick.



Biotic Rifle
Damage reduced from 75 - 65

Biotic Grenade
Cooldown increased from 10 - 12 seconds

Developer Comments

Even after Sleep Dart nerfs Ana still feels a little overpowered so I've decided to decrease her damage to previous amounts and increase the Biotic Grenade cooldown to prevent the enemy team from getting heals less often as support players in the role ranks don't heal as much while the ability will still be good in the higher ranks.


Immortality Field
Cooldown increased from 25 - 30

Regenerative Burst
Cooldown increased from 15 - 17.5

Developer Comments

People have been saying that it feels as if Baptiste has 3 lives due to his cooldowns doing basically that which is why I increased the cooldowns. This also encourages players to use immortality field for more severe circumstances instead of using it at the start of fights in low ranks.


Protection Suzu
Cooldown increased from 14 - 20 seconds

Developer Comments

Protection Suzu feels very overpowered and in fast paced gameplay it feels as if the ability has a much shorter cooldown than it really does. Not only does that change fix the problem, but it also encourages players to use the ability in more dire situations.


Now can only be used during Valkyrie
Cooldown decreased from 30 - 7.5

Developer Comments

Mercy is in a very balanced state besides resurrect. These changes don't completely remove the ability, but make it more rare to see in gameplay.


Biotic Grasp
Damage dealt decreased by 20%

Biotic Energy
Maximum capacity increased by 30%

Developer Comments
Moira already doesn't do much damage but her range is incredible. The Biotic Energy buffs should make up for the lack of heals from her damage nerfs.


Orb of Destruction
Damage reduced from 48 - 40

Developer Comments

Zenyatta's discord orb is in a very very strong state as of now and while I can't nerf it because of Workshop limitations, this should bring down some of his power.

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0

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