Kill, or be killed. The objective is to buy the diamond inside Roadhog's shop. Earn money through killing others, although if you get killed you will money. Start off with the option of Ashe or Torbjorn and earn money to recieve upgrades.

Roadhog's Shop
Roadhog's shop contains various hero changes and upgrades for different price points. Within the shop you cna buy the diamond to end the game.

If a player kills 5 people within a lifetime, they will have a bounty placed on them, where if you kill them, you get rewarded with a large reward. If that person survives, they recieve money.

Coming Features (In order of when it will come out)

Overhauls to Roadhog's Shop:
Many changes and overhauls will be added to the shop, such as more upgrades and more heroes. As well as visual changes to the front and inside of the shop.

Whilst inside Roadhog's shop, you are able to approach roadhog to accept a quest from him, it can vary from dealing damage or killing a specific person. Finishing a quest gives you a large reward.

More Shops:
A confirmed amount of 2 shops will be added to the gamemode, selling specific heroes and upgrades.

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Current version | 1.0.0


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