On behalf of Dude#1840, Overwatch Reworked is a hero rework custom game created by him. All changes, updates, and texts were on behalf of him. I do not own this gamemode.

Welcome to Overwatch Reworked. Almost every hero is reworked. Each have new abilities, ultimates, passives and more!
Each hero has been reworked to a point where they have new and fun abilties but also not completely ruining the actual hero. All the abilities have created from scratch, and a lot are original ideas!
I have put a lot of time into this gamemode and a lot of work so i would appreciate if you would check it out! I've tried to make the abilities fun to use but also not annoying to play against.

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Special thanks to:
• LemonAid#11644
• Aquiferunkwn#1879
• Diamondstorm#11434
• Gizmo#12854
• IIAZUI#1411
• Stale#11493

Developer: Dude#1840

Notes: When starting a game, due to how certain heroes have role changes, there will be a custom 2-2-2 lock! You will be given a screen to tell you to select a role. Press LSHIFT for a Tank role, Interact for a Damage role and E for a support role.



Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Configuration: Tank Passive Bastion is always in Tank Configuration. His firing rate and damage is reduced.
Steamroll Ability 1 Bastion will charge up slowly going backwards then charge fowards incredibly fast, damaging and pushing enemies in his path.
Graviton Mass Secondary Bastion launches a slow moving projectile that affects a single enemy. That enemy is slung into the air and struck back down, dealing significant damage.
Configuration: Death Ultimate Bastion has several seconds to position himself as a powerful Sentry Turret with increased damage and resistance.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Ambition Passive Killing blows will grant 100 shields that last for an extended period of time. With every additional kill, durations reset and the shields continue to stack.
Battle Cry Interact Massively increase Inspire's healing and gain additional movement for several seconds.
Stay With Me! Ability 2 Brigitte unleashes several pulses for several seconds, granting surrounding allies 30 temporary shields with each pulse.
Lindholm Vigor Ultimate Brigitte rockets into the air before phasing at a selected location. Brigitte gains 600 shields, grants nearby allies 200 shields and slows nearby enemies for 50%.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Snowball Interact Mei directs Snowball onto an ally, slowing healing them and raising their max health. While Snowball is active, it uses up Battery. Press Crouch to remove Snowball from the target ally.
Companions Passive Every time the ally under the effect of Snowball deals damage, Mei will deal additional damage alongside to them.
Cryo-Armour Ability 1 Mei encases herself with ice armour, healing and taking reduced damage as long as she holds the button down. Any damage received during this will be turned into Battery charge.
Antarctic Aegis Ultimate Mei encases a single ally in ice, granting 50% ultimate, freezing them and making them intangible. After the ice expires, that ally gains 1000 health and damages everybody in their sights.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Immovable Object Ability 1 While Fortify is active, Orisa deals constant damage to enemies around her.
Unstoppable Force Ultimate Orisa freezes time for the enemy team and will pause the game timer for several seconds. During this, all allies gain a +65% speed boost.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Honour Passive Eliminations will increase Reinhardt's health by 5; no maximum capacity.
Glory Interact Reinhardt swaps his ultimate type, being able to choose Warrior or Paladin.
Fire Storm Ability 2 Reinhardt fires 3 flames that deal more damage but fly much slower.
Call Of The Warrior Ultimate Reinhardt boosts his stats (increased speed, damage and resistance) by a significant amount for several seconds.
Call Of The Paladin Ultimate Reinhardt massively boosts his stats and becomes immune to damage for several seconds. Once the ultimate ends, Reinhardt will die in honour.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Body Fat Passive Instead of dying, Roadhog will go in a downed state for several seconds with half health. If he survives this phase, Roadhog will get back up, and this ability goes on cooldown.
Taunt Interact Roadhog forces an enemy to look at him for several seconds; Roadhog takes 50% less damage while this is active.
Dreadnought Ultimate Roadhog greatly increases his health and damage, but at reduced speed for a medium duration. He will also receive +100% more healing from all sources while active.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Gravity Well Interact Sigma launches a charge that creates a gravity well on impact, damaging and dragging enemies to the center of it.
Telekinetic Ability 1 While Kinetic Grasp is active, he will pull an enemy he's looking at towards him.
Focal Point Ultimate Sigma will drag and damage all enemies globally towards him in addition to his usual ultimate.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Primal Punch Melee Hold to charge up a powerful punch, charging the amount of damage and knockback it will deal.
Beserk Ability 2 Winston enrages for several seconds. Intimidate nearby enemies, forcing them to take 15% more damage and 40% less healing.
Monkey Cage Ultimate Winston deploys a large cage at his position. Enemies are unable to leave the cage, and get stunned and pushed back if they try to escape.

Wrecking Ball

Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Grand Slam Crouch Wrecking Ball will use Piledriver 3 times in a row.
Adaptive Cable Ability 2 Wrecking Ball chains an energy cable on the enemy closest to them, slowly dealing damage over time. That damage is then turned into ultimate charge.
Suppression Drone Ultimate Wrecking Ball deploys a drone in the air that gradually gets stronger, constantly dealing damage to the player closest to it. Enemies eliminated by this ability cannot be resurrected.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Power Surge Passive Killing blows grant a temporary speed and resistance boost. This can stack and duration resets upon earning more killing blows.
Gravity Snare Interact Zarya targets an enemy; if not interrupted or losing LOS after a short cast, that enemy will be snared and trapped mid-air for several seconds.
Light Armour Ability 1 Zarya becomes unkillable for a short duration, then gains a 80% damage resistance. Resistance slow deterioates over time.



Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Viper Fang Interact Ashe loads her weapon with a viper fang; the next shot she shoots deals +100% more damage.
Blowing My Fuse Ability 2 Ashe tosses multiple sticks of dynamite that deal more damage but take longer to explode.
Bombing Site Ultimate Ashe creates a bombing area that drops bombs every second. After a few bombs, the site will grow and a more powerful bomb will drop, dealing large damage and knocking enemies down.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Sky Cutter Interact D.Va spawns a powerful satellite laser from the sky, dealing heavy damage to enemies within the proximity.
Ultra-Violet Secondary D.Va shoots a powerful charge that pierces through enemies, and explodes on surface impact.
Bunny Hop Ability 1 D.Va rockets into the direction she's looking. She has 3 charges of this ability.
MEKA Ultimate D.Va calls her mech, and gains access to a new set of abilitie. While active, D.Va receives 50% less healing from all sources. Lasts until D.Va's Mech is destroyed.
Shift Interact (Mech Form) D.Va swaps places with an ally or enemy after a cast time. Cast time increases the further away they are.
Macro Cable Ultimate (Mech Form) D.Va links to a targeted enemy until she is demeched. While linked, the target takes 15% of all damage D.Va takes, and 15% of the healing the target receives is given to D.Va.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Intelligence Passive A resource system that scales the strength of Flowing IQ. Every kill gains +2 points, and every death loses 1 point.
Flowing IQ Interact Start to regenerate health. Every 5 Intelligence points, Echo will gain stronger additional buffs (speed, damage and health) and the cooldown will decrease.
Bomblets Secondary Hold the button down to charge Sticky Bombs; the more charge the more Sticky Bombs Echo will shoot.
Duplicate Ultimate Duplicate no longer has a definite timer; Echo's health will slowly decrease over time until it reaches 0.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Backstab Melee Meleeing someone from behind will deal much more damage.
Mystery Sheath Passive Every so often, a random effect is applied to Genji's Swift Strike:
Ice Tipped The next Swift Strike will freeze enemies.
Venom Tipped The next Swift Strike will deal bleed damage.
Corrupt-Tip The next Swift Strike will hack enemies.
Weapon Jammer The next Swift Strike will disable Primary Fire for the first target hit.
Banish Ultimate Genji harnesses dark energy and his next Swift Strike will banish enemies into the Shadow Realm, dealing large damage and slowing them if they survive.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Thunderclap Interact Hanzo summons a thundercloud above a single enemy. A lightning charge will form above them, striking and stunning the target shortly after.
Caustic Clouds Ability 1 Hanzo summons a slow-moving cloud forward that strikes powerful bolts of lightning every second.
Stormbreak Ultimate Hanzo summons a mighty storm inside and unleashes a deadly beam of of lightning, dealing massive damage.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Last Laugh Passive Upon death, the killer will start to take burn damage. If Junkrat kills an enemy while dead, he immediately resurrects.
Molotov Ability 2 Junkrat tosses an explosive that will create a spreading pool of flames. The longer enemies linger inside the more damage they take.
Heatwave Ultimate Junkrat conjures a slow moving flame that gradually grows in size and damage, dealing constant flame damage to enemies inside.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Executor Secondary McCree fires a bullet that, when it connects with an enemy below 50% health, they will shortly die after being struck.
Intoxication Ultimate McCree intoxicates enemies in the proximity. Enemies affected will start to slow and fall over, and have their movement corrupted.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Phantom Feign Passive Upon death, Reaper will return as a phantom where he cannot attack, nor can he be attacked. After a period of time, he will respawn in the same place he died. Staying on point while in this form will cancel this ability.
Haunt Passive Every 30 seconds, Reaper targets a random enemy, being able to detect them. If that target dies, their respawn time is doubled and Reaper gains +3 Reaping Points.
Death Blossom Ultimate Death Blossom's power increases the more Reaping Points Reaper has.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Firewall Passive If Sombra stunned, knocked down or frozen, she becomes invulnerable for several seconds and will cleanse the aforementioned effect before going on cooldown.
Malware Passive Hacked enemies deal 30% less damage and have a 50% increased respawn time.
G̵̰͈͗͆̾̕͜ͅļ̴̥̈́̄͘ḯ̷̲̲̘̜̆t̵͈͋͆c̷̺̙̺͠h̸̺̣̐͐ ̵̣̳̉͋̆I̸̢̱̒̀ň̶͉̖̬̥̐͘ ̷̬̬̜̜̒̆̊̍T̴̫̳̭͋́͘h̷̤̯̟̾͂͐̈́é̸͕̈́̋̉͜ ̵͖̌̅͌S̶͎͈̣̳̔̊ỳ̷̤̖̘̪s̶̟̞̖̆͊͝t̶̟̘̼̄́͂e̶̟̲͒m̷͎̥̈̚͜ Ultimate Sombra readies a global countdown, blowing up an incredibly powerful EMP. If Sombra strays too far from the initial point, then the EMP will start to go down. Dying during the ultimate will also cancel it.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Restoration Crouch + Secondary Torbjörn will resurrect an ally after a long cast. If successful, the ally will start to release energy and damage enemies around them with increased stats. After a period of time, they will respawn in the spawn room.
Overclock Ability 2 During Overload, Torbjörn's turret will deal +200% more damage while active. Torbjörn will not be able to attack during this.
Guardzone Ultimate Torbjörn creates a large defense dome; allies inside gain a large damage resistance while the dome is active.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Backtrack Interact Tracer deploys a respawn anchor. Upon death, Tracer will take time to be resurrected there. If taken out while Tracer is being resurrected, then the ability cancels.
Time Diffraction Ability 2 Tracer gains increased damage and speed, and will teleport back several seconds later. This will also heal her to full health.
Time Lapse Ultimate Tracer accelerates time for her and an ally. While active, Tracer will deal more damage and constantly gain Blink charges. The target ally will have their cooldowns decreased, boosting damage and ultimate charge rate. For every enemy eliminated, Tracer gaisn +10% ultimate back.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Venom Cartridge Passive Every time Widowmaker fills her Ultimate meter to 100%, she gains +1 Venom Cartridge. Firing a scoped shot with a Venom Cartridge will deplete it. Killing blows with a Venom Cartridge will give it back.
Kiss Of Death Interact + Secondary After scoping with no interruption, Widowmaker will fire a shot that deals massive damage. If it kills an enemy, that enemy will shortly explode and damage other enemies.
Toggle Venom Cartridge Ability 2 Toggle Venom Cartridges. Scoped shots with Venom Cartridges will deal heavy but slow poison damage; this damage can stack.
Widow's Gaze Ability 2 + Secondary Widowmaker charges a special bullet that will intoxicate an enemy. As that enemy moves, they will take damage. If the enemy dies, Widowmaker gains +10% ultimate



Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Biotic Shroud Interact Ana spawns a field of biotic clouds, releasing healing pulses for several seconds.
Narcolepsy Ability 1 Ana rapidly fires Sleep Darts.
Nano Bolster Ultimate The ally affected by Nano Boost cannot fall under 1 HP.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Ready Positions Passive While at full health, Baptiste's healing is increased by 50%.
Combat Medic Passive Baptiste constantly regenerates health.
Regenerative Shields Ability 1 Baptiste grants the ally closest to his crosshairs a large amount of regenerative shields for several seconds.
Reinforcements Ultimate For the next several seconds, all allies nearby become incredibly resistant to stun effects.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Volume Passive Every time this meter fills up, it depletes and increases Lúcio's healing by 2%.
Reverse Amp Ability 2 During Heal Boost, Lúcio applies a 50% anti-heal to surrounding enemies and adds to his Volume meter.
Accelerando Ability 2 During Speed Boost, Lúcio speeds up cooldowns of nearby allies and slows cooldowns for nearby enemies.
Downbeat Ultimate Upon Dropping The Beat, Lúcio stuns and knocks surrounding enemies back. Stun duration and knockback strength scales the higher in the air Lúcio uses this ability.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Dying Star Passive Mercy shortly releases several energy pulses after death, healing allies and damaging enemies nearby.
Flourish Interact Every 1500 healing, Mercy can use this ability to double her healing for a medium duration.
Huge Rez Ultimate Mercy resurrects all allies in a large radius around her after a short cast.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Bloom Interact Moira applies a large heal boost to a single ally she targets.
Fade Ferry Ability 1 Moira fades forward a quick distance, pulling players along with her.
Cut Down To Size Secondary/Ultimate When Moira deals damage to an enemy, she slowly steals their ultimate charge and stores it for later. Max cap of 80%.
Energize Primary/Ultimate When healing an ally, Moira will give them the ultimate charge she drained. Pressing Ultimate with less than 50% charge will give Moira herself the charge.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Vital Tile Interact Symmetra creates a healing ring at her feet that heals the closest ally to it. Destroys once it has used up all of its healing.
High Voltage Ability 2 Symmetra charges up an energy blast, shortly blasting the energy outwards, healing allies and damaging enemies in a radius.
Shield Generator Ultimate Symmetra creates a Shield Generator that gives allies in a large radius regenerative shields. Lasts for a long period of time; if an enemy stands on it, it will decay faster.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Clairvoyance Passive Every second, Zenyatta speeds up the cooldowns of all allies by 1sec and charges ultimate by 1%.
Orb Of Distraught Interact Zenyatta attaches a powerful Distraught orb on an enemy that lasts for a period of time. Enemies paired with the orb take +50% more damage from all sources.
Perfect Balance Ultimate In addition to its usual effect, Zenyatta will inflict damage to enemies around him.

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Update Log (3)


  • Ultimate duratin reduced from 5sec to 3sec
  • Projectiles no longer get slowed down while her ultimate is active
  • Allies gain a +65% speed boost during her ultimate


  • Reinhardt shoots 3 fire strikes instead of 4
  • Charge now leaves a trail of flames behind Reinhardt, damaging enemies over it


  • Gravity Well duration reduced from 5sec to 3sec
  • Gravity Well cooldown reduced from 20sec to 17sec

Wrecking Ball

  • Grand Slam no longer stuns enemies


  • Reduced damage of Sky Cutter from 150dps to 100dps


  • Gravity Snare trap duration reduced from 3.75sec to 2.75sec


  • Orb Of Distraught damage amplification reduced from +75% to +50%

Other Changes

  • Polished the role queue system

Hero Updates
D.Va is now playable

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