Lucio Surf Season 2 Gravspeed


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Lucio Surf Season 2 Gravspeed

How To Play
After joining you will be greated by some explanation of the mode, please read it carefully.

Shortend rule set:

  • Touching the ground will reset you to the start circle. You can however stand in the finish area.
  • Get to the finish as fast as possible.

Tips For Going Fast

  1. Do not stick to walls. You are faster when jumping of walls.
  2. Use skimming. Skimming means pressing jump 2 times in fast succession when touching a wall, it will give you the greatest speed.
  3. If a jump seems too long to complete, try using long jumping. Long jumping means delaying the second jump input from skimming by .1 to .2 seconds, it results in a longer jump.
  4. Try finding direct routes with many jumps. You loose speed at high velocities. Having jumps in shorter succession helps against loosing too much speed.

Competing With Others
If you feel like competing against better players and fighting for world records join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/G9QBCDY
There you will find leaderboards for every season, an active community and occasional events.

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