undertale last breath boss fight remake


this is a recreation of undertale last breath made from zerjox who was the one that created the original game on steam please subcibed to him and give him some credit for making the fan game :)

there are 3 custom phases that i made and tryed to add some of zerjox planned attcks and some off mine with the heros ultimates.

right now this is in BETA so there will be some bugs and phases 3 incomplete ( some of it is done ) if u want to complete my game, feel free to copy this and finish the game or improve it becuase my name says how good i am with the workshop after all.

the fight is going to be very hard so there is going to be a bunch of retrys and once u die u start right back at the beginning.

Categories | Boss Mode
Heroes | Sigma, Genji
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.7


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