Do you hate people? Do your friends bully you for having no friends? Do you want to keep them out of your game after you kill them?

If so, now do I have the gamemode for you!

This is Banhammer! A game where, after you kill your friends, they get permanently banned from the game! (they actually only get banned during rounds, I cant ban them permanently sadly)

How to Play

The gamemode is simple! A bunch of runners will have to escape being smacked by a Reinhardt! Any players who fail this objective will get banned! It's that simple! Runners have to wait out the timer while the Reinhardt has to ban all of the runners!


enjoy game

Code Snippet

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Update Log (5)

Update 1.3

  • Ana Nade No Longer Disables Rein's Healing
  • Rein can now be killed (Can be changed in Workshop Settings)

Update 1.2

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the timer to be paused infinitely
  • Default match time is now 4 minutes
  • Added more workshop settings
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