Kingdom Hearts 2 - Struggle! (EN)


Inspired by the minigame of the same name from Kingdom Hearts 2, one team who collects all 200 orbs, or has the most orbs wins. Each team starts with 100 orbs. If you kill an enemy player, he/she will drop orbs for you to collect to score for your team.

What to note:

  • Turrets are disabled.
  • Disabled heroes: Pharah, S76, most Tank heroes and Baptiste.
  • You can only choose one mech tank hero per team.
  • Killed players will be unable to move for 6 seconds (Sleep status + invicibility).
  • Unable to heal heroes (including yourself).

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How the actual Struggle tournament from KH2 looks like:

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FYI you don't have to do 1 code per language, you can use a technique called dynamic translations:


This will allow you to put all languages into the same code, and to make it so that each player gets their own language displayed :)

Update Log (19)

  • Custom string for Objective Description behind the timer.
  • Disabled the ult restriction.
  • Changed my linktree social URL
  • Split the language rules in 3 different files, each file containing 4 languages, to improve rule loading.
  • Fixed some translations.
  • New translations for Orbs Dropped and Orbs Collected HUD in some languages.
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